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Bring On Dry January With Sass And Smoothies


Last week my gym buddy mentioned a new subscription smoothie regime she’d under taken with The Honestly Good Smoothie Company for Dry January. She raved about it so much, that I decided to put some smoothies to the test myself to see if it was everything it was cracked up to be?

As a new mum over 40, endurance with healthy eating (and drinking) is everything these days. It also takes discipline and time out to score those all-important nutrients. I wondered whether I’d be able to whip up a smoothie and get my toddler ready for pre-school – all by quarter past Bing!

Our Experience

As I unpacked my superfood sachets which had been delivered for the week ahead, the names alone sounded as if they would get me on the right track. From ‘Cheer Me Up’ to ‘More Mochi’, they all seemed as if they could help boost my brain power and support my workout goals at the same time.

Of course, the results of drinking smoothies don’t kick in overnight (like caffeine) despite me hoping they would as I tackled the Monday morning meltdown. It was definitely a ‘Cheer Me Up’ day.

Having made sure I had left a pouch out of the freezer the night before, I emptied the contents into my blender. Instructions were simple: add in my superfood sachet, 300ml (one cup) of water / milk and blend for 30 seconds. There were a few sachets I did leave for longer in the blender however.

The Mochi one in particular took a little time to soften because of the adzuki beans in it. This one was rather unpopular with the family. Unfortunately I have to admit gulping it down quickly over the sink, my eyes watering a little.

On a more pleasant note, ‘Cheer Me Up’ really did what it said on the label. With its cooling combo of cucumber, pineapple, hemp seeds and acai berry, it was a really refreshing replacement to my morning cuppa.

By Saturday, I definitely felt that I was training harder, better and stronger in the gym after a few glugs of ‘The Almond Tart One’. A quick wink and a smile from my Body Combat instructor was all I needed to see the session through to the end. The Almond Tart One’ was a firm favourite with everyone, combining almonds, prunes, cinnamon, pear and butternut squash.

It was really flavoursome and even my pint-sized partner in crime wanted to taste test it too. The sachets are great for busy parents on the go and for anyone who needs a vitamin hit. It’s the first subscription service I’ve tried and I would definitely do something like this again.

So there you have it. If you’re looking for a tasty adventure in a cup, give it a whirl. Until next time, stay fabulous and sip on, supermums!


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