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Saffron and Cyrus

Welcome to Saffron and Cyrus! On this page we will explain everything you need to know when it comes to sponsored posts and collaborations.

Saffron and Cyrus is a well-established niche lifestyle blog visited by over 3,000 users per month. We also reach 7,000 users across our social media platforms.

We accept topics that are appropriate for a family lifestyle blog.

We do not offer:
Free posts
Posts in exchange for affiliate scheme membership or discount codes

Topics we are looking for:
Beauty, hair and skincare
Family days out (especially in Newcastle Upon Tyne)
Home decor, DIY, gardening
Peri and menopause
Parenting, pregnancy, toddlers, tweens and teens

We do not accept posts in the following categories:
E-cigarettes or vaping
Adult products
CBD products
Life sciences
Dating sites
Debt recovery

Article submissions:

Posts should be a minimum of 900 words
They must not be overly promotional or advertorial
Photographs should be supplied with full credit (must be creative commons) and in high-res Jpeg format
Posts generated solely by AI will not be accepted
Posts should be interesting, informative, and offer value to our readers
Posts relating to health must contain references to any claims made
Please check that the topic for your post has not already been covered by us before submission.
Where possible, please link to a relevant Saffron and Cyrus post
Posts should contain one link to your client, plus two high authority links
We do not allow affiliate links

Get in touch:
For further details and guidelines, please email saffronandcyrus@gmail.com with the topic of your proposed post.

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