• Mum life December 15, 2019
    As new parents, we don’t get out much so making date day count is …
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  • Mum life July 24, 2019
    Handbag essentials tend to change when you have a toddler in tow.
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  • Mum life May 7, 2019
    Mummy guilt, it really does come with the day job.
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    The hardest thing about being a mum over 40 after losing my own was that she …
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  • RECIPE: Sosis Bandari (Spicy sausage wrap)

    I often wish I was a full-time working mum superhero, but I’m not. Therefore putting a Persian banquet on the dining table after a long day at work doesn’t always happen. Instead I opt for quick, delicious dishes as part of my routine that mean H…

    CULTURE: How to grow sabzeh with toddlers for Persian New Year

    Growing sabzeh is just one of the fun tasks that children can get involved in during the run-up to Persian New Year (Nowruz). The sabzeh is one of the seven S’s of the Haft Seen spread which we have referred to in a previous post here.…

    TRAVEL: How to travel with kids and spend quality time together

    Our little family’s taste for travel and adventure runs in our blood – and as a new mum over 40, I’m more relaxed on the parenting front too, so we tend to cram in as much as possible during our holidays. With a week of sunny…

    KIDS’ STUFF: Why you should get kids reading on World Book Day

    As a new mum over 40, my local library was the Internet of the day and every day was a book day for me growing up. It provided everything I needed – education, story-telling – and stickers all in one place (thankfully without the distraction of TikTok and Candy Crush).

    HEALTHY LIVING: A great way to teach toddlers to wash their hands

    This morning as I stood in the nursery reception I was surrounded by sneezes, snotty noses, coughs and colds, and the temptation to just go home and hibernate instead of going to work was strong. As the parents of a young tactile sensory seeker, that’s a…

    HEALTH & WELLBEING: New books teach toddlers about mental health in a creative way

    How young is too young when it comes to teaching children about mental health? It’s an issue so important that Ofsted have made it a regular part of their inspections in schools.However there’s a severe lack of resources that not only relate to young children, but…

    EATING OUT: One of the best Sunday roasts in the North East

    There’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned Sunday roast and St Mary’s Inn in Stanington, Northumberland, certainly has something unique to offer its diners.