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My Week Of Fasting And Finding Hidden Sugar

So, after two weeks of being hooked on sweet treats and haunted by cravings, I decided to take on the challenge of giving up sugar for a week and get back into 16:8 intermittent fasting. Little did I know the first day would be a rollercoaster ride of cravings, grumpiness, and surprising realisations. The temptation to indulge in Little C’s half-eaten chocolate croissant after the school-run this morning was real.

The First Hurdle

The first hurdle? Finding food without sugar. Seriously, it’s like sugar has infiltrated every nook and cranny of my diet, and I never noticed it this much before. It’s in the obvious places, sure, but discovering it lurking in the seemingly innocent rice cake snacks was an eye-opener. As for supermarket-bought lamb kofta, who knew they even needed sugar to spice them up. Added sugars have sneaked into so many foods, and I have been averaging 18 teaspoons per day, well beyond the recommended limits.

Genuine Sugar Addiction

This morning, I woke up feeling surprisingly grouchy. The urge to have a hearty breakfast was strong, and that’s when it hit me – do I have a genuine addiction to sugar? It was a wild thought, but as the morning progressed, it felt oddly accurate.

Bone Broth Bliss

Lunchtime rolled around, and I discovered bone broth and a handful of walnuts helped reduce my sugar cravings. However, by the time the afternoon slump hit, so did the sugar cravings. It was like a persistent itch that just wouldn’t go away. Fatigue is something I hadn’t experienced in a while, but it was a reminder of the toll sugar can take on my energy levels.

As I challenge myself with this sugar-free week, it’s becoming clear that my relationship with sugar goes beyond just a sweet tooth. I’m learning more about myself, and it’s a proper battle of willpower, and also an exploration of alternatives to keep my cravings at bay.

What keeps me going? The thought of baby smooth skin! The presence of sugar impedes the natural process of proteins and amino acids in constructing collagen. Essentially, it adheres to amino acid chains, hindering their capacity to unite and generate collagen. This is crucial for maintaining skin elasticity and a youthful appearance. My brain health has been sabotaged in recent weeks due to my sugar addiction, so I’m hoping for increased mental productivity and improved cognition by giving it up.

Watch this space for how I get on!

My Top Tips To Tackle Sugar Cravings

Cold Turkey Struggles

Cutting out sugars is tough initially, so I stick a pinch of Celtic salt under my tongue to curb my cravings.

Chew On It

Chewing gum has becomes my ally, reducing cravings and helping me avoid succumbing to sugary temptations.

Staying Active

A change in scenery distracts my mind from those persistent food cravings.

Regular Eating Routine

One meal at 12 and one at 4.30pm, focusing on protein and fibre-rich foods, help me maintain stable blood sugar levels. I opt for lots of kale.


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