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Culture: How To Grow Sabzeh For Persian New Year

Growing sabzeh, or mung beans in the lead-up to Persian New Year (Nowruz) is a Persian tradition. Nowruz marks the arrival of spring and is celebrated by various communities, particularly those of Persian descent. And Sabzeh is a crucial element of the Haft Sin spread, representing renewal and the rebirth of nature.

Going Green

Cultivating sabzeh with children can be both educational and enjoyable. While it may seem like a straightforward task, coaxing mung beans to sprout can be a bit of a challenge. Contrary to common perception, mung beans are known for their swift growth, but the process can be unpredictable, turning a simple act into a sometimes suspenseful venture.

A Simple Act

Initiating the sabzeh-growing process involves selecting suitable containers, a step that children can actively participate in. Little C loves carefully spreading out his mung beans.

Once the beans are evenly spread, the next step is to cover them with water, initiating the soaking process that lasts for a few days. It’s crucial to change the water daily during this phase. Observant eyes will soon notice the emergence of tiny white sprouts, signaling the beginning of growth. At this point, the beans are delicately covered with a moist paper towel. This acts as a protective layer that ensures the sprouts continue to thrive.

Sprinkle Beans With Water

Sprinkling the beans with water becomes a daily ritual, an activity that can be assigned to the young ones, adding an element of responsibility and engagement to their routine. Little C takes charge, ensuring the paper towel remains consistently moist. These small, regular tasks not only contribute to the growth of sabzeh but also instill a sense of commitment and attentiveness in children.

Symbol of Life

As the beans progress in their growth journey, the time comes to unveil them from the paper towels. The once-covered sprouts are now exposed, and the daily ritual of sprinkling water continues. It’s a fascinating spectacle for children to witness the transformation of mung beans into sabzeh, a symbol of life and rejuvenation.

Full-Grown Glory

With each passing day, the sabzeh inches closer to its full-grown glory. The excitement is building in anticipation of the celebration on March 21st, the day of Nowruz. Little C, having been involved in the nurturing process, can’t wait for his efforts to culminate in the sabzeh.

Cultural Family Activities

Incorporating such cultural activities into family traditions not only celebrates diversity but also creates lasting memories for children. The sabzeh-growing experience goes beyond the botanical aspect, offering lessons about patience, responsibility, growth and renewal.

More Nowruz Ideas

For those curious about other Persian New Year activities, a quick click will lead you to more insights and ideas. The celebration of Nowruz adds a unique touch to the overall festive experience.

As the beans grow, we await the day when they fully sprout, ready to usher in the New Year with freshness and vitality. Stay tuned for updates on our sabzeh-growing.


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