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Chat With Dr. Tuesday Watts-Overall On Coping With Birth Anxiety

It’s no secret that becoming a mum often comes with its fair share of anxiety, especially when it comes to the impending birth. But there are effective ways to get through it! We speak to Dr. Tuesday Watts-Overall on managing birth anxiety and review some of the latest Mama Mio pregnancy skincare products.

Excitement And Anticipation

Feeling a tad jittery about giving birth? You’re not alone. It’s absolutely normal to have anxious thoughts and emotions as the big day approaches. Childbirth, a monumental life event that’s often in the limelight, naturally stirs up a concoction of feelings – from excitement and anticipation to a touch of anxiety.

The fear of the unknown, pondering over the birthing process, contemplating your coping mechanisms, and general concerns about your baby’s and your well-being can all contribute to this whirlwind of emotions.

An Expert’s View

Dr. Tuesday Watts-Overall, a psychologist, seasoned birth and postpartum coach, and a mum of two (with another little one on the way) discusses how she prepares individuals both mentally and practically for the grand journey of birth and the adventures that follow. In our heart-to-heart with Dr. Tuesday, we uncovered some invaluable insights on overcoming anxiety ahead of birth. Here are her tips to help guide you.

Allow The Fear

It might seem counter intuitive, but suppressing or ignoring your fear can make those anxious thoughts even more intrusive. Take the bold step of allowing your fear to surface. Identify precisely what worries you or what your mind is cautioning you about. Whether you say it aloud, jot it down, or share it with a trusted confidante, this process helps you grasp the roots of your fear.

Get Curious

Uncover the origins of your fear. It could trace back to a past experience, a birth story, a conversation, or even a scene from a film or TV show. Ask yourself probing questions:

  • How was birth discussed during my upbringing?
  • What birth-related information did I encounter in various forms?

Fill In The Gaps

Acknowledge that your perceptions of birth often hinge on subjective experiences, others’ opinions, and assumptions. Bridge the knowledge gaps.

  • Seek factual information about the birthing process.
  • Explore evidence supporting various scenarios or outcomes.
  • Understand your birth-related options, perhaps through a comprehensive birth preparation course.

Plan For The Birth You Want

While birth can be unpredictable, envisioning the birth you desire is empowering. Consider:

  • Your preferred birthing environment. The support system you envision. The emotions you want to cultivate. Knowing your options doesn’t guarantee a specific outcome, but it strengthens your mental pathways, making your envisioned birth more likely.

Get Your Body On Board

Beyond mental preparation, it’s crucial to align your body with your newfound perspective on birth. Regulating your nervous system is key. Learn to recognise your body’s fear responses and equip yourself with tools and techniques to shift back to a state of calm. This skill, often overlooked, proves invaluable not only for birth but for navigating life’s challenges.

Your pre-birth emotions are entirely valid, and acknowledging and addressing them is paramount. For additional guidance or to secure your spot in a transformative course, explore Dr. Tuesday’s website here.

Mama Mio Skincare Essentials Review

In the pursuit of radiant skin, I noticed a surge in searches for ‘aloe vera benefits for skin’. In the past 90 days, it’s skyrocketed by +130%, and that piqued my interest on Google Trends. Mama Mio skincare essentials is enriched with this powerhouse ingredient, and stands out with its blend of more than 75 active molecules, 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins. Its hydrating properties make it great for soothing and moisturising the skin during pregnancy.

One of our readers put three of the brand’s latest products to the test:

Mama Mio Megamama Body Lotion (£12), Tummy Rub Butter (£18), and Lucky Legs Cooling Gel (£16)

Infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera, this light body lotion, with its promise of a radiant and supple complexion, became a staple in our reviewer’s routine. Packed with natural, plant-based actives, it didn’t just claim results – it delivered them. Our reader’s endorsement echoes the sentiments of feeling not just refreshed and revitalised but also radiantly confident in her skin.

The Tummy Rub Butter, expertly crafted to intensively nourish, soothe, and protect the skin as it undergoes the stretching journey of pregnancy, left an indelible mark on the reviewer. This deeply moisturising cream, enriched with natural actives, antioxidants, and omegas, became a reliable companion in strengthening and hydrating her dry skin. Aloe Vera, seamlessly infused into the formulation, played a pivotal role in soothing and moisturising, while Coconut Oil contributed to enhanced skin elasticity. The inclusion of Shea Butter locking in moisture and fortifying the skin against the challenges of this transformative phase.

The Lucky Legs Cooling Gel provides refreshing relief to tired legs. This refreshing gel proved to be a game-changer for our pregnant reviewer, offering a burst of relief for her weary legs, effectively reducing puffiness in her legs, feet, and ankles. What set this product apart was its unique blend of hydrating and nourishing ingredients, including an Omega Rich Skin Complex, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter, working to provide deep moisturisation. The gel, packed with natural, plant-based actives, not only promised but delivered visible results.

Our Verdict:

Mama Mio products stand out as a reliable ally, offering effective and pregnancy-safe formulations that cater to diverse skin needs. Definitely worth investing in!

Rating: 5/5


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