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Our Morning Elixir: Cayenne Pepper, Celtic Salt, And Lemon Water

We all know that spices add incredible flavours to a variety of dishes – but they also boast an array of health benefits too. Check out our perfect morning pick-me-up. It’s a concoction that might make your taste buds do a double-take, but I promise it will leave you feeling invigorated. We’re talking about our not-so-average morning elixir – cayenne pepper, Celtic salt, and lemon water. H also adds apple cider vinegar, but let’s not go there!

Cayenne Pepper

Now, this lemon water beverage might be a drink hotter than a Tehran summer, but cayenne pepper, thanks to its key component, capsaicin, gets your metabolism dancing like Persians at a wedding. Capsaicin not only gives the spice its heat, but is also thought to aid weight loss by promoting thermogenesis, where your body converts fat into heat and burns it off more efficiently.

Studies suggest that adding cayenne pepper to your diet may boost your metabolism by up to five per cent, and increase fat-burning by 16 per cent. So it’s a morning workout for your insides – perfect for days when you’ve convinced yourself that watching workout videos on YouTube counts as exercise to lose weight.

Digestive Delight

Freshly squeezed lemon juice also teams nicely with Celtic salt, which is not your average table salt. It’s packed full of essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Celtic salt balances electrolytes. Whether you’re chasing after little ones or managing a household, maintaining the right electrolyte balance is key to staying on top of your game.

Hydration Boost

I sometimes sprinkle a pinch of Celtic salt in my pre-workout water bottle for natural electrolyte replenishment. Unlike its refined counterparts, Celtic salt contains natural sea minerals that support healthy blood pressure levels. We all know the importance of staying hydrated, and Celtic salt plays a role here too. It helps your body absorb water more efficiently.

Vitamin C

Lemons, the unsung heroes of Vitamin C, swoop in like Persian warriors to support your immune system. Forget the traditional orange juice – the antioxidants in lemon water contribute to radiant skin, giving you that natural, lit-from-within glow. We learned from H’s mum and keep a bottle of lemon-infused water in the fridge – it’s the ultimate family-friendly hydration station. Although a bit sour, it pulls off a real balancing act inside your body. It’s acidic on the outside, alkalising on the inside. This drink is refreshing, invigorating, and essential for maintaining the energy needed to conquer your daily adventures, especially if you have a seven-year-old like us.

Detox Dance

Cayenne pepper and lemon water move through your system, cleansing and revitalising. It’s a detox that doesn’t scream “cleanse” but whispers, “I got you.” Feeling under the weather? Our elixir is just like H’s Maman Bozorgh used to make.

How to Brew:

  • Warm (not boiling) water – because we like it warm, like Persian hospitality.
  • A dash of cayenne pepper – the spice that wakes up your senses.
  • A sprinkle of Celtic salt – because every drink needs a touch of salt, just like any Persian dish.
  • Juice of two lemons – fresh, like laughter.

Final Thoughts: While this concoction might not be everyone’s cup of chai, it’s our secret to a morning that feels like a Persian fairy tale. As they say in Tehran, “Befarma’id!” (You’re welcome!)

Remember, listen to your body, consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet. Make your health journey uniquely yours – Cheers!


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