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Breaking Up With Bread And Saying Goodbye To Grain Brain

Now, we all know the struggle of trying to shed a few pounds and hit the gym regularly. For me, the hardest part has always been breaking up with bread. Baguettes, ciabatta, croissants, you name it – I’ve had a love affair with them all. The bakery section in Lidl has always been my first stop during our weekly shop. But the time had come to break free from my doughy temptation.

Daily Bread Fix

As I set off on this gluten-free journey a week ago, I had no idea what awaited me. Mornings were the hardest. The absence of that comforting slice of buttered toast felt like a betrayal to my tastebuds. Each time I walked past Greggs, it felt like my willpower was being tested by the gluten gods themselves. It was a constant battle between the rational voice urging me towards health and the whispers of my bread-loving alter ego. Those first few days were a rollercoaster of emotions.

My mood resembled a stormy day, and the lack of my daily bread fix was taking a toll on my motivation. Gym? No thanks, I’d rather cosy up with a loaf of Tiger bread. But deep down, I knew something had to change. The peri-menopause bloat was real, my energy levels have been plummeting, and dragging myself to the gym has felt like a Herculean task this month. So, time for drastic measures.

A Two-Week Break

I made the bold decision to use my loaf and say goodbye to bread for two weeks. Two weeks of mourning the loss of my carb companion. Convincing myself that every baguette and fluffy roll was essentially a sneaky form of sugar became my mental shield against the pull of temptation. It was a clever way to reframe the narrative and align my cravings with the broader goal of cutting down on sugar intake. With each step away from the bakery section, I mentally patted myself on the back for dodging a sugary bullet.

It has become a coping mechanism, a way to transform the hardship of saying no into a strategic victory. The mental association of bread with sugar fuelled my determination, turning what seemed like an indulgence into a potential hazard for my health as a new mum over 40.

And you know what? So far, it’s been a game-changer. The first noticeable transformation was my mental clarity. Suddenly, it was as if a fog had lifted from my brain. Ideas flowed more freely, and I found myself tackling tasks with newfound focus. Who would’ve thought that the secret to a clear mind was hidden in my bag of bagels?

Different Kind Of Strength

Sure, the gym sessions have been a struggle without my carb-fueled energy boost, but I’m gradually discovering a different kind of strength. The absence of bloating makes me feel lighter on my feet, and my motivation to hit the gym is back on track again. Breaking up with bread has opened the door to a healthier, more energised version of myself.

In retrospect, giving up bread hasn’t just been a sacrifice, it’s been a stepping stone to a better, more vibrant life. So, to all my fellow bread lovers out there, consider this a tale of hope and resilience. Sometimes, letting go of what weighs you down can lead to surprising revelations and a healthier, happier you.

Delicious Alternatives

Sweet Potato Toast: Move over, traditional bread slices! Thinly sliced sweet potatoes have become my go-to for a hearty and nutrient-packed base. Whether toasted or baked, they add a sweetness that pairs perfectly with various toppings.

Lettuce Wraps: Lettuce wraps offer a crisp, refreshing crunch while serving as a versatile vessel for all kinds of fillings – from avocado to hummus and veggies.

Eggcellent Solutions: Eggs have become my go-to alternative. Omelettes provide a protein boost while adding a delightful texture to my meals.

Chia Seed Yoghurt: For a breakfast or snack option, chia seed yoghurt has become a great addition. It’s a healthy alternative that keeps me fuelled throughout the day.

Until next time, keep rocking those gym sessions and embracing the bread-free brilliance! Check out more of our health tips on wheatgrass juice powder here.


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