• Mum life December 15, 2019
    As new parents, we don’t get out much so making date day count is …
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  • Mum life July 24, 2019
    Handbag essentials tend to change when you have a toddler in tow.
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  • Mum life May 7, 2019
    Mummy guilt, it really does come with the day job.
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  • Mum life March 31, 2019
    The hardest thing about being a mum over 40 after losing my own was that she …
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  • Persian kachi pudding is great after giving birth at 40

    Persian kachi pudding is one of the most nourishing recipes in Iran for women after they have given birth. It is also given to anyone who has been ill or who needs to regain their strength. Postpartum anemia While some mums are back on their feet…

    Ways to get free baby stuff when you’re pregnant

    Free baby stuff can be a lifesaver if you’re pregnant as a new mum over 40. Babies need a lot of stuff and those things can really get expensive. I read that new parents face bills of around a quarter of a million pounds to raise…

    Buggies bums and tums as a new mum over 40

    Staying fit and healthy was a priority as a new mum over 40 throughout my pregnancy that’s why I took up a buggies, bums and tums class. When I tipped the scales at my six-week check, I started to worry what my post-baby figure would look like.…