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Persian Pet Names: Terms of Endearment in Farsi

Salaam, dear readers! Today, I’m going to be looking at Persian terms of endearment which is a subject close to my heart after giving birth to Little C.

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a special occasion, and what better way to celebrate than by showering them with love in the form of uniquely Persian pet names? We explore some of the endearing nicknames my in-laws gave to Little C.

Terms of endearment

Now just imagine your baby’s face lighting up every time you affectionately call them Fandogh Koochooloo (little Hazelnut). Well, that’s what Cyrus’s Ame (auntie) called him when she saw him for the first time. After all, every family needs a little hazelnut to remind them that the sweetest moments come in the smallest packages.

Terms of endearment

Friends and relatives, inspired by Ame’s imaginative approach to pet names, began incorporating their own playful twists into the mix. H decided to add a dash of fruity charm to his son’s collection of pet names. Enter Sib e Sorkh, which translates to red apple in Persian which is exactly what Little C’s cheeks looked like after being out in the cold.

Terms of endearment

The arrival of Jigar-am translating to my liver, is also a term of endearment that took on a charmingly peculiar quality in Ame’s household. Little did I know that behind the seemingly straightforward expression of love, Jigar-am was more than just a symbol of affection; it was a quirky culinary term, an expression of love as unique as Little C who it was bestowed upon.

Culinary connotation

As Ame introduced Jigar-am to friends and family, the revelation of the term’s culinary connotation often raised eyebrows with my English friends. H would playfully explain, “In Persian culture, calling someone ‘Jigar-am’ is like saying, ‘I want to eat you up like liver!’ It’s an odd way of expressing deep affection, don’t you think?”

Terms of endearment

As Little C continued to blossom, Ame decided to introduce another term of endearment into the familial lexicon – enter Gol-e Sonbol, translating to hyacinth flower. This floral addition brought natural beauty to Little C’s growing identity. Gol-e Sonbol, with its delicate petals and sweet fragrance, became a fitting metaphor for Little C’s charm.

Delightful qualities

H and I, already enchanted by the hazelnut-sized curiosity of Fandogh Koocholoo, the vibrant mischief of Sib e Sorkh, and the heartfelt warmth of Jigar-am, welcomed Gol-e Sonbol with open arms. The endearments now painted a complete picture of the delightful qualities that make Little C so special.

Whispers of affection

Fandogh Koocholoo, Sib e Sorkh, Jigar-am, and Gol-e Sonbol are not merely nicknames; they are whispers of affection, declarations of love, and echoes of the virtual joy that fill our family’s home. So there you have it – Persian terms of endearment for your new baby. These delightful nicknames not only add a touch of humour to parenting, but also reflects our multicultural world. After all, life is more enjoyable with love and culture. Happy parenting!


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