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Cyrus’s First Nowruz: A Tiny Nightingale’s Flight

Greetings, dear readers! Today, I’m here to share the journey of celebrating baby Cyrus’s first Nowruz.

Now, for those unfamiliar with Nowruz, it’s basically the Persian version of New Year – a time when Persians embrace new beginnings, throw painted eggs around, and collectively agree to take a 13-day holiday. Yes, you read that right, 13 days! Forget a weekend getaway; Persians go all out with a two-week fiesta. I mean, who wouldn’t want a fortnight of non-stop partying?

Our adventure begins with the prelude to Nowruz, Chaharchanbe Suri, a night filled with more excitement than a cat on a hot tin roof. People jumping over bonfires and reveling in the pre-New Year pyrotechnic warm-up. I imagine the fire department is on high alert during this period – “Note to self: invest in marshmallows.”

But the real spectacle happens during Saat-e tahvil, the magical moment when the equinox hits, and families huddle around their TVs. It’s like New Year’s Eve, but with more exotic snacks and no alcohol.

Now, let’s talk fashion. Baby Cyrus, aka bol bol (the nightingale), dons a ‘My First Nowruz’ T-shirt, specially crafted by Gayle of Rusks & Rebels. Because, you know, every nightingale needs a chirpy wardrobe. Who knew that nightingales were so fashion-forward?

But what’s a celebration without a feast? My hero, the culinary maestro, H, whips up sabzeh polow.

Now, let’s dive into the haft-sin spread. Seven items, all starting with ‘s,’ because who needs variety? The goldfish, not an ‘s,’ but it’s there to fend off mythical giant kara fish. Confused? So am I, but let’s roll with it.

And then there’s Haji Firooz, the black-faced merry-maker spreading cheer through the streets. Forget clowns; Persians have Haji Firooz in red satin outfits.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. We have Sizdah Bedar, a picnic extravaganza on the 13th day. Because, you know, the devil is attracted to herbs that turn yellow, and nothing says “get lost, devil” like a countryside picnic.

So, there you have it – a baby’s guide to the Persian New Year. A whirlwind of fire-jumping, T-shirt-chirping, and devil-defying antics. Who says babies can’t party? Cheers to baby Cyrus and his epic initiation into the Nowruz extravaganza! Eyd-e shoma mobarak, little nightingale!


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