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Little C’s Encounter with The Cyrus Cylinder at the British Museum

Salaam, fellow history enthusiasts! Today, I am sharing a story about our visit to The British Museum in London, where Little C got up close and personal with his namesake – the Cyrus Cylinder.

Ancient Marvels

Stepping into the grand halls of the British Museum is like entering a treasure trove of human history. It was here that we found ourselves on a weekend adventure exploring the vast corridors adorned with relics from civilizations long gone.

Little C and the Cyrus Cylinder

Pesar Khaleh Esi, (uncle Esi) was armed with a map and a determination to unearth the Persian treasures within. We laughed, we argued about directions, and after a series of wrong turns that would make even Socrates scratch his head, we found Room 52.

Inside Room 52

Room 52 is filled with tales of ancient Persian kings and the grandeur of the exhibits was matched only by the size of the museum itself. Monumental plaster casts of sculptures from Persepolis adorned the room, transporting us to the grandeur of ancient Persia. Room 52 didn’t stop with Cyrus though. It extended into the later periods of the Parthian and Sasanian empires too.

The soft hum of museum visitors provided a backdrop as Little C approached the artefacts with a sense of wonder. The cool touch of ancient stones and subtle vibrations emanating from the exhibit cases added a tactile dimension to his journey, making history not just something to see but something to feel.

Cyrus the Great

Little C, named after the great Cyrus himself, couldn’t believe his luck. His eyes widened as we approached a display showcasing the life and achievements of Cyrus the Great. The exhibit provided a glimpse into the life of this ruler, known for his leadership and the establishment of the Persian Empire.

A Window to the Past

Little C, with a mixture of awe and pride, traced his fingers over the intricate details of artefacts that were vessels of knowledge and storytelling. He stood mesmerised before the glass case containing the cylinder, unveiling tales of a bygone era.

First Human Rights Charter

The Cyrus Cylinder, is made of clay inscribed with cuneiform writing. It dates back to the 6th century BCE and is considered one of the world’s first human rights charters. The inscription details Cyrus the Great’s commitment to freedom and tolerance.

A Lesson in History

As we marveled at the artefacts, Little C was inquisitive as ever. He absorbed the stories of Cyrus the Great’s role in shaping the ancient world. The encounter became not just a family outing but a living history lesson.

Unveiling the Past, Nurturing the Future

Our visit to the British Museum turned out to be more than a mere sightseeing experience. It was an opportunity for Little C to connect with Persian culture. The cylinder, with its ancient wisdom etched into clay, served as a reminder that the past continues to shape our present.

Vast Collection

As we explored the museum’s vast collection, our excitement grew with each artefact we encountered. But no adventure is complete without a souvenir, and so, we set our sights on the museum’s gift shop. Entering the shop, we found ourselves surrounded by an array of historical trinkets, replicas, and treasures.

Gift Shop Mementos

Pesar Khaleh Esi, always the guide, suggested we buy a miniature Rosetta Stone. H, on the other hand, joked about buying a time-travel guidebook to avoid future navigation mishaps.

Despite the plethora of knick-knacks, there was one notable absence in the main gift shop – the Cyrus Cylinder. Our desired memento was nowhere to be found. H mused that perhaps the cylinder was so valuable that it had been relegated to a secret section of the shop.

Promise of Cake

After exploring the gift shop, we found sustenance in the museum’s café. Little C’s eyes sparkled with the promise of cakes – a perfect respite from our time-traveling mission. After all, even ancient kings must have a break for coffee and a slice of cake.

As we exited the museum, our minds brimming with newfound knowledge, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for Little C’s connection with history. The British Museum had opened a door to the past, and as we stepped back into the bustling streets of London, we carried with us tales of empires, and the timeless lessons from Cyrus the Great.

So, here’s to getting lost, finding hidden treasures, and learning about history at the British Museum. May your explorations be as entertaining as ours, filled with laughter, and the occasional wrong turn. For more of our adventures, click here.

Top Tips for Time-Traveling Tots:

Here are some tips for fellow time-traveling parents attempting to take their tots to a museum:

  1. Pack a Snack Attack: A well-fed six-year-old is a happy six-year-old. Load up on snacks!
  2. Dress the Part: Encourage your little ones to dress up as historical figures. Yes, please!
  3. Caption Contest: Challenge your mini-historians to come up with the wittiest captions for ancient artefacts.
  4. Bring a Journal: Bring a journal where your little one can jot down the funniest moments of their museum adventure.

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