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What It’s Like Moving Home With A Newborn

Moving Home With A Newborn

So, there we were thinking we could master the art of moving home, having a baby, and managing job changes simultaneously. But but life decided to throw these challenges at us all at once, and let’s just say, we were unprepared for it.

Grand Plan

Our grand plan to move before Little C’s grand entrance into the world was thwarted by a hold-up in the property chain, leaving us signing important documents with a two-week-old bundle of joy in tow. Now, anyone who’s tried to juggle a screaming infant, solicitors, and crucial paperwork in the pouring rain knows it’s a scene straight out of a nightmare.

Advice To Rest

My midwife’s advice to rest and avoid heavy lifting became the mantra I chanted while marching to the solicitors’ office – baby in one arm, important papers under the other. My heart beating like crazy, back aching, legs sore, and a womb that was screaming for mercy. If only my midwife could have given me a prescription for a personal assistant!

No Heavy Lifting

H, in his superhero cape, was left to pack up the entire house in a day because, well, I couldn’t lift anything heavy. Thank the removals company that swooped in to save the day, making our move slightly less chaotic than a Persian bazaar on a sale day.

As we settled into our new home, I realised my nesting instinct was at its peak. The only glitch? Who in their right mind invests in a nursery when a move is imminent? New mums-to-be, that’s who! My inbox flooded with advice on buying cots and soft toys, leaving me fighting off tears and Pinterest-ing nursery ideas.

Shockingly Pink Nursery

Upon arrival at our new home, we discovered a shockingly pink nursery. Now, if that doesn’t scream Persian drama, I don’t know what does. Determined to rectify this colour catastrophe, I vowed to decorate the nursery first. After all, what’s a Persian home without a touch of drama and vibrant hues?

But being on maternity leave meant our budget resembled a Persian carpet – intricately woven and stretched to its limits. A broken boiler forced us to choose between soft furnishings and solvency. Guess which dilemma won? The nursery fund was born, a post-Christmas savings project.

Canvas Of Possibilities

Fast forward, and the nursery is a canvas of possibilities – clean, painted, and waiting for a carpet that will tie the room together like a good Persian rug. And with a few more paychecks, we might even afford a cot.

As we look towards home renovations and other nursery preparations, one thing remains clear, moving with a newborn is undoubtedly a challenge, so celebrate the small victories along the way. Whether it’s successfully completing a stage of the move or settling into your new home, acknowledge and appreciate the accomplishments, no matter how minor they may seem.

Troubleshooting the kinks in our new house is a mere subplot. Quality time with our little Persian prince, Cyrus, is the main event. Because in life, the most important moments are spent with those you love, even if the walls are a shocking shade of pink.

Top Tips for Moving Home with a Newborn

Plan Ahead and Prioritise

Start planning your move well in advance if you’re moving home with a newborn. Prioritise tasks, focusing on essential aspects like packing, hiring movers, and securing important documents. Having a clear plan will help reduce stress when the moving day arrives.

Create a Baby Essentials Box

Pack a box with all the essential items your newborn will need immediately. Include nappies, wipes, baby clothes, feeding supplies, and any comfort items. Keep this box easily accessible so you can attend to your baby’s needs without searching through packed belongings.

Maintain a Consistent Routine

In the chaos of moving, try to maintain a consistent routine for your newborn. Stick to regular feeding and sleeping schedules as much as possible. Familiarity can provide comfort to your baby during the upheaval of the move.

Secure a Safe Space for Your Baby

Designate a safe and quiet space for your baby during the move. Whether it’s a portable crib or a cosy corner with their favorite toys, having a dedicated area will help your baby feel secure and minimize disruptions.

Pack Strategically

Pack strategically to ensure essential baby items are easily accessible. Clearly label boxes containing baby supplies and prioritise unpacking these first. This will save you from rummaging through numerous boxes to find crucial items when you arrive at your new home.

Set Up the Nursery Early

If possible, set up the nursery in your new home before the move. This includes assembling the crib, arranging furniture, and decorating. A familiar and organised nursery can help your baby settle into their new surroundings more comfortably.

Stay Flexible and Take Breaks

Moving with a newborn may not always go as planned. Stay flexible and be prepared to adapt to unexpected situations. Take breaks when needed, ensuring both you and your baby have moments of rest and relaxation amid the hustle of moving.


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