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Balancing Baby Blues, Shirini And Post-Baby Body Resolutions

Today, I want to share a little slice of our life, or should I say, a generous portion of Persian shirini, as I get through a period of post-baby body blues. Join me on my rollercoaster of self-reflection, and a not-so-successful attempt at squeezing into my pre-baby jeans.

Now, I’m not one of those lucky women who miraculously shed pounds after giving birth. Oh no, I belong to the club that firmly believes that cake and kebabs are the answer to almost anything. And who can blame me? Saying no to the enchanting allure of shirini or well-made koobideh (a delicious type of Persian kebab) is impossible!

As a new mum over 40, I’m on a mission to reclaim my pre-baby body during the summer months. And, I was doing well, or at least I thought I was, until Christmas barged in with its irresistible festive cheese and chocolate feasting. I convinced myself that the extra sugar was necessary because I was still nursing through the night. Who am I kidding? It was just an excuse to dive into that box of Heroes.

Come January, I found myself at a crossroads paved with leftover holiday sweets and a not-so-enthusiastic commitment to hit the community centre for a workout. Spoiler alert: the workout hasn’t happened yet, and my excuses are becoming more creative by the day.

Now, I must admit, my dreams of resembling Paddy McGuinness’s wife are fading faster than my resolve to avoid cake. The reality is, bouncing back into shape like those celebs half my age is about as likely as winning the lottery. Besides, who needs a personal trainer when you have a teapot and a love for Persian cuisine?

But all is not lost! In my quest for a flatter belly, I’ve made some changes. I’ve bid farewell to alcohol, traded sugary drinks for fizzy water, and banished crisps from our house. Not that I miss them – I’m more of a shirini enthusiast.

When it comes to meals, I try to balance my choices. Toast and feta for breakfast? Sure, but then it’s sweet potato and an apple for lunch, followed by a comforting Persian feast for dinner. It’s all about harmony, or as close as I can get to it without sacrificing my beloved shirini (sweet treats).

And speaking of shirini, let me transport you to the magical world of Persian cake shops in London. Ah, the memories of Reza’s Patisserie in Kensington – my personal Aladdin’s cave of heavenly delights. My colleagues eagerly awaited my return, armed with napkins, as I unveiled an array of desserts. Oh, the banana and walnut cake! They still talk about it.

This time, we ventured to Viona Patisserie in Uxbridge Road, Ealing – a family-friendly haven of hand-crafted shirini. We indulged in a delightful tasting session, sipping coffee with Cyrus and leaving with a treasure trove of goodies, including a teapot that I probably didn’t need but absolutely had to have.

Back on the homefront, I’m aware that a few combat sessions at the community centre might be in order. But hey, life is all about balance, right? And if that balance includes a generous helping of Persian shirini, who am I to argue?

Until next time, my sweet-toothed friends.

Stay sweet!


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