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A Persian lullaby: The Art of Nap Time Mastery

Persian lullaby

As a self-proclaimed “late-starter” in the parenting game, my husband and I have stumbled upon an age-old Persian secret to achieving nap time bliss with our seven-month-old dynamo, Little C.

Let me set the stage for you – a new mum over 40, attempting to balance the demands of a blog, calls, housekeeping, emails, and a touch of make-up application, all while wrangling a tiny human tornado. “I don’t know how you have time to do it all,” a friend recently exclaimed. Well, my friends, today I will unveil my not-so-secret secret to nap time success.

The Persian Pillow Magic: A Ten-Step Guide

1. Set the Stage:

First and foremost, ensure that your little one is clean, warm, and well-fed. Once the basics are covered, resist the temptation to overanalyse every little detail.

2. Musical Enchantment:

Grab your trusty iPad or mobile phone and embark on a journey to YouTube. There, you will discover the mystical powers of the Iranian lullaby known as “A Textile Dream” (Lalaei). It’s a melodic potion that works wonders for soothing even the most spirited of tiny tots.

3. Lounge Lizard Style:

Get comfortable! Kick up your legs and lounge on the sofa, preparing for a session of Persian-style tranquility.

4. Arm Yourself:

Ensure you have all the essentials within arm’s reach – remote control, water, tea, a good book, mobile phone, and, of course, your iPad.

5. Pillow Placement:

Introduce the “balash” – a feather-filled pillow placed strategically on your legs, with its tip resting gracefully on your toes.

6. Baby Ballet:

Lay your little one on the cushion, positioned to gaze into your loving eyes. Hold those tiny hands, and commence the gentle swaying of your legs from left to right, choreographing a baby ballet of serenity.

7. Serenade in Silence:

If you possess the vocal prowess, serenade your cherub with a lullaby. If not, fear not, the magic lies in the melody, not your vocal range.

8. Blanket Ballet:

Once the Sandman has woven his sleepy spell, tuck your slumbering cherub under a blanket. Wrap the blanket under the cushion for added snugness, allowing you a moment to unwind.

9. Choreography Continues:

For the industrious mums with chores awaiting, gently transfer the napping prodigy to his cot. But, a crucial reminder – cushions have no place in the cot. Safety first, dear readers!

10. Upgrade Your Cushion Game:

Lastly, treat yourself to a luxurious cushion from the provided links below. Because, let’s be honest, a well-rested baby deserves nothing but the plushest of pillows.

And there you have it – a Persian-infused guide to mastering the art of nap time. May your days be filled with laughter, your nights with peaceful slumber, and your cushions with the softest of dreams.

Until next time, lalaei your way to parental triumph!

Persian lullaby called A Textile Dream. Singing a lullaby (lalaei) is a sweet and simple way to calm your baby and this particular one works a treat.


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