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Persian Parenting, Glitter Germs and Gleaming Hands

Today, we’re sharing an effective tip on how to get your little ones to wash their hands with ease, even if they’re as stubborn as a Persian cat.

Our household recently faced the triple threat of sneezes, snotty noses, and the notorious coronavirus outbreak, prompting us to unleash our secret weapon against grubby hands.

Now Persians take hygiene as seriously as seasoning their kebabs. If you ever find yourself in a Persian home, don’t be surprised if, before you can say “Salaam,” you’re handed a towel and directed to the nearest sink. The mere mention of germs has H breaking out in a cold sweat faster than when he’s in the sauna.

The Persian Parent Plight

This morning as I stood in the nursery reception, I was surrounded by sneezes, snotty noses, coughs and colds. The temptation to just go home and hibernate instead of going to work was strong. As the parents of a young tactile sensory seeker, that’s a child who touches everything, H and I go through a lot during the colder months.

Only last week it was chickenpox that kept us housebound, this week it’s Coronavirus. We all know there are many ways to prevent catching bugs, from washing our hands to avoiding close contact with sick people. Keeping the house well ventilated can help eliminate damp conditions where bacteria and viruses thrive.

However, while good handwashing habits can help stop the spread of Coronavirus, getting little C to do it is proving a challenge. Each evening H and I return home from work to a grubby child. His clothes are stripped off him and bundled into the washing machine. While we were trying all sorts of tactics on the home front, even placing coloured soap with sparkles in it on the sink. All it took was some creative thinking and ingenuity to drive the message home with a glitter germs experiment.

Glitter Germs Experiment

Cue the brilliant nursery worker who introduced us to a magical solution – the glitter germs experiment. All you need is a dish, water, soap, and, of course, glitter. Pour water into the dish, sprinkle glitter on the surface, and watch as the germs (glitter) scatter when soap is added – like a microscopic disco in your sink!

Persian Parenting Ingenuity

Armed with water, soap, and glitter, we embarked on a mission to teach little C the wonders of handwashing. A pep talk about how soap annihilates germs accompanied the glittery spectacle, and voila! Our once grubby child now not only washes his hands willingly but also won’t stop talking about the epic battle against germs.

Conclusion: So, if you find yourself facing the daunting task of convincing your little one to wash their hands, use the glitter germs experiment, and watch as your child becomes a hygiene evangelist. You can thank us later while enjoying a germ-free, sparkling high-five.

Stay sparkling, stay safe, and happy handwashing!


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