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How to earn money from your blog

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The world of blogging is a confusing one, particularly if you are new to it. Finding that je ne sais quoi that will help you earn money doesn’t happen overnight.

When I started my blogging journey back in 2017, it felt like I was feeling my way around in the dark. The best way to describe the original concept for Saffron and Cyrus would be as a pregnancy platform for the over 40s. I simply wanted to create an online space where anyone could write in and share their experiences, in particular those relating to pregnancy, health and wellbeing in later life. It was not to push the idea as an agenda.

It took time, a few mistakes along the way and a creative mindset for the blog to take off and broaden out in order to initiate getting requests from those in the world of business. When I started, I wasn’t aware of how many brands were out there.

Believe in brands you work with

One business I worked with when I first started out was One Dear World, a multicultural family on a mission to encourage young children to appreciate themselves and respect others. We shared a common thread in that we both believed passionately in helping our children learn about diversity and cultural differences around the world. Their range of dolls had been made with care, attention and thoughtfulness and it was a product that I loved and was proud to promote because the dolls had been made with consideration.

I then moved on to showcase products from small-scale businesses, review restaurants and anything toddler-friendly. My blog continues to evolve with me – so perhaps some succession planning might be in order and perhaps some posts about Botox too (but not paid-for content of course!)

How can you make brands care?

As a blogger, you assume people and businesses care – this is a biggie because ‘care’ is definitely the wrong starting point. The correct one is – they couldn’t care less. You have to think to yourself ‘what can I do to make them care?’ It’s a bitter pill to swallow when you want to be the next big thing and you think you’ve found the perfect niche.

Sites like Get Blogged offer bloggers an easier way to monetise their blogs and connect with businesses and brands needing help. They also work with the little people, the micro bloggers among us and have a blogger outreach service too.

What do businesses want from bloggers?

So that leads me to the next question. What do businesses want from bloggers? The answer: content. They will start to care about you if you have a niche and content they can work with, a new concept, a new angle to a story – but remember it’s the content they want. They don’t want waffle.

You need to spend time getting to know a business, so that your requests to work with them don’t get deleted as soon as they hit their in-box. Create a series of lists of different businesses according to what theme you are working on. A really important reminder is only to apply for blogging opportunities that fit with your theme.

Don’t just think about the money

Aside from thinking about the money, think about what you want from your blogging efforts because it’s a long-term, slow-moving activity. You need to have clear expectations and brand awareness to help people learn more about you.

You should see more organic search and direct traffic to your site as more people search and find you and referral traffic from other sites will go up with people clicking through from online articles.

All that new traffic should get more people and businesses enquiring about your blog. Most publicity is good publicity, so don’t be a snob because it’s all backlinks and exposure, so getting out there as much as you can is what counts.

Don’t limit your demographic

My method is this, be as broad as possible. Don’t limit your demographic to 35 to 40 year olds with blonde hair and who like cats, cheese and walks in the countryside! While it’s great to know, it’s not useful for your blogging efforts.

Use your blog to tell your story to get businesses to recognise your brand and in turn giving them content they can use. The more general the better as nine times out of 10, it’s a show of what topics you are an expert on rather than your content being published verbatim.

Write engaging content

Blogging has huge appeal to businesses who want backlinks and exposure – so by offering regular, engaging content on your blog that embraces your niche, you can become a blogger of choice!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. However, all opinions are my own.


Saffron and Cyrus is a Newcastle-based family lifestyle blog, covering diversity, self-care, days out, travel, reviews, recipes and more from our family life.
The blog is written by new mum over 40, Aranda, with input from hubby H and four-year-old Cyrus.

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