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Why dates and walnuts are great for breastfeeding

dates and walnuts

As an older breastfeeding mum, I was on the receiving end of a lot of dietary advice and support from the in-laws in Persia. I knew I needed to consume about 500 extra calories to maintain my health and milk production, but I wasn’t really sure what I should eat for the best.

The in-laws suggested I try to eat three to four gerdoo (walnuts) and khorma (dates) every morning with my cup of tea. Now this wasn’t something complicated to prepare and it wasn’t expensive either, it was what you could call a quick health fix and it gave me a natural energy boost too.

I wasn’t going to be a fatigued midlife mum, so I thought I’d give dates and walnuts a go.

Dates are a calcium-rich food which help increase your milk supply when breastfeeding. They’re high-fibre and also naturally sweet too. They are believed to contain elements that help combat depression in new mums. They also enrich the breast-milk with the right elements needed to make the baby healthy.

I ate walnuts daily throughout my pregnancy as I knew they were good for my baby’s brain and eye development. So I continued to eat them after Cyrus arrived to help maintain my milk supply. It’s fair to say they are one of the best foods for all-day energy!

Dates are filled with natural sugars, including fructose, sucrose and glucose, and they also proved the perfect snack. I kept my energy levels up without the crash I might have experienced from a bar of chocolate.

And I’m still eating them today!

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