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How to get your mojo back during lockdown

While working remotely was a bit of a novelty at first, cabin fever quickly set in. I lost my mojo for a bit, due to a lack of office banter and my gym routine.

Exercise has always been the key for me to keep up good mental health, keeping me motivated and energised. While I know I can work out in front of the TV, iPad or desktop computer, it’s just not the same.

So to help myself through the current lockdown, I thought I would share other ways I have been keeping my mind and body healthy. When you feel positive, it’s amazing how well you can cope with a situation. Here’s my recipe that is helping me to keep smiling during this crisis.

A good old morning stretch

Sitting at my desk all day means having a daily stretching routine has become even more important to help reduce stiffness. I have my own routine based on basic yoga poses and focused on specific areas I need to target.

Family time

With little C at home 24/7, it’s hard to find the time to exercise. However, having pillow fights, dancing around the living room to music and reading together has helped our little family bond.

We’ve spent time recently with our new book, Uh Oh Milo, by new author Kate Wogan and illustrated by Helen Faulkner. The new children’s picture book uses mythical mischief makers and magic to help little C learn about manners.


He loves the bright, bold illustrations which are full of humorous detail and the book itself is bursting with entertaining language! It’s pitched perfectly at children of around four years old because it’s fun, daft and educational. It is a delight to read with Cyrus during our bath, book, bedtime routine.

Dressing up for remote-working

While a lot of people are dressing down, I’m dressing up for work on the homefront. On a personal note, this has helped me to feel good as well as reduce my levels of anxiety and stress. However on a more serious note, I’ve also been supporting some of the UK’s small businesses, including British gift boutique, The English Beagle.

I recently ordered a midi Katherine polka dot skirt for remote-working from them. My delivery came swiftly and neatly packaged. The skirt is a practical addition to my wardrobe as I can team it with almost anything from a jumper to a smart shirt.


The fabrics in the Katherine skirt are 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which allows for movement and stretch. It’s so versatile that it is fast becoming my mojo wardrobe staple that I can reach for whatever the weather. Designed for comfort and style, it’s great when teamed with ankle boots too.

A spot of pampering has also been in order during my isolation days. I have still be applying my Rimmel ‘Double Decker’ red nail varnish, Mac ‘Night To Remember’ lipstick and Ardell magnetic lash and liner kit.

The lashes are great for every occasion and are the easiest I’ve ever applied as a novice. They give volume and quality and are perfect for accentuating natural lashes without overwhelming my face with falseness.

Being mindful

When times are tough, it’s easy for relationships to turn bad. H and I have been through some testing times over the years, so we are facing this conundrum with confidence. If we’re having a bad day, a few deep breaths and a few minutes in the garden really helps put things into perspective. Most of us are having to make decisions that we never anticipated, but this can be empowering too. I made a decision not so long ago that came good.

We’ve been reading some good books ourselves lately to get our mojo back in shape, including Super-Women by Janina Scarlet. While the book is targeted at women who are battling depression, anxiety and trauma, I’ve found it a really useful pick-me-up during my isolation days.

If you’re looking for a book to empower you this is what you need to be reading. It will teach you techniques for coping with situations that are out of your control, helping you rewrite your own story. It offers kind words for positive well-being and that’s something we all need a bit of right now.

Great outdoors

I’m not a runner having had a baby at 40. While embarrassing to admit, it has really wreaked havoc on my pelvic floor muscles. That means the feel-good endorphins that I could be experiencing after a quick jog are non-existent. It’s quite depressing really as I’d love to enjoy the sport and feel good doing it too. One day I’ll get my mojo back enough to take up this sport.

While we’re allowed to go for a walk near our home once each day to get some fresh air, I’m too scared being an older mum. I’ve therefore listened to Government advice and haven’t gone further than the back garden for the past two weeks.

Keep laughing

Laughing is the key to happiness and we chose to watch an entire series of Mr Bean followed by Friday Night Dinner at the weekend. I recommend looking up your favourite comedy films on Netflix and just enjoying some sofa time in front of the TV.

Three things

Take time out to write down three things you’re grateful for at the end of a working day. Then read that list the next morning before getting up to face the day. It’ll help you get your mojo back on track whatever challenges the day brings. Yesterday I wrote down that lockdown has given me a chance to learn about SEO, be creative and get closer to family.

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