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Vienna’s Christmas Magic: Navigating with a Bump at 12 Weeks

Vienna's Christmas magic

The anticipation of the 12-week dating scan can feel like an eternity, especially for a soon-to-be mum over 40 with a history of miscarriage. However, Vienna’s Christmas magic beckoned, offering a delightful distraction from the wait.

Our Sanctuary: Mercure Hotel Josefshof

Nestled in the heart of the Josefstadt District, the Mercure Hotel Josefshof proved ideal for comfort and convenience. A stone’s throw from City Hall Square and the Old City, its strategic location eased the challenges that occasionally accompanied the early stages of pregnancy.

Sights And SensationsVienna’s Christmas Magic

Vienna, with its rich history and culture, unfolded before us. From the grandeur of the Hofburg palace, echoing the legacy of the Habsburgs, to the inviting aroma of coffee at Cafe Central, each moment resonated with the city’s timeless charm.

Despite the occasional bouts of pregnancy discomfort – aches, pains, and the need for a quick power nap – our exploration continued. The iconic Wiener Prater, art galleries showcasing masterpieces, and vibrant festive markets provided a diverse array of experiences.

Ring In The New Year Vienna-style

New Year’s Eve in Vienna is not just a celebration; it’s a captivating spectacle. We joined spectators for the annual New Year’s Eve run around the city, a vibrant display reminiscent of our very own Great North Run. The energy of the city was contagious, and the enthusiasm of the participants and their dogs, created an unforgettable atmosphere.

As the night approached, we took in the New Year’s Eve Trail through the Old City. A horse and carriage ride set the tone before we strolled through the Old City’s Baroque architecture. Culinary delights, mulled wine, and non-alcoholic gluhwein awaited at every turn. Musical stages added to the festive symphony, ensuring there was something for every taste.

Culinary Delights And Cosy Corners

Exploring Vienna’s culinary scene, we found ourselves at Fromme Helene in Josefstaedter Strasse. Warm and welcoming, this local gem served up traditional Austrian dishes, with their schnitzel stealing the spotlight. A generous portion, perfectly accompanied by potatoes and salad, made it a Viennese culinary adventure to remember.

The grand finale unfolded at City Hall Square as we bid farewell to 2015. Despite the chilly weather, the festive stalls offered a warmth that transcended the cold. Cinnamon-coated waffles and alcohol-free gluhwein became the indulgences of the evening, creating a cosy and memorable New Year’s celebration.

Vienna, with its timeless charm and welcoming spirit, became more than a destination; it became a chapter in our pregnancy adventure. As we walked the streets, embraced traditions, and indulged in its delights, Vienna left an indelible mark on our journey to parenthood. And so, with hearts full of memories, we bid adieu to Vienna, our enchanting companion in the early chapters of this incredible journey.

Jolly Bumps: Five Tips For A Merry Pregnancy Trip To Vienna At Christmas

The twinkling lights, festive melodies, and the enchanting aroma of mulled wine – Vienna at Christmas is a magical experience for everyone, including expectant mothers. Here are five tips for a merrily memorable trip while navigating the streets of Vienna with your adorable bump.

1. Comfortable Layers Are Your Best Friend

Vienna in winter can be chilly, so cosy up with layers that keep you warm and stylish. Opt for comfortable yet fashionable maternity wear that allows you to adjust to changing temperatures. A snug coat, warm scarf, and comfy boots will not only keep you toasty but also have you looking like a chic mama-to-be ready to conquer the festive season.

2. Plan Your Strolls Wisely

Vienna’s Christmas markets and historic streets beckon exploration, but take it easy on those pregnant feet. Plan your strolls strategically, focusing on shorter walks and frequent breaks. Luckily, Vienna’s public transport is excellent, offering a convenient way to hop between the city’s enchanting spots without overexerting yourself.

3. Hydrate And Savour The Non-Alcoholic Delights

While others may be indulging in mulled wine, treat yourself to Vienna’s delightful non-alcoholic alternatives. Sip on a steaming mug of alcohol-free gluhwein or enjoy a comforting hot chocolate. Hydration is key, especially during pregnancy, and Vienna’s Christmas markets offer a variety of delicious beverages that will keep you warm and hydrated.

4. Embrace The Art Of Indulgence

Vienna’s culinary scene is a treasure trove of delights, and pregnancy is the perfect excuse to indulge. Treat yourself to the city’s famous pastries, savoury delights, and traditional Austrian dishes. From delightful schnitzels to heavenly desserts, Vienna’s eateries cater to every craving. Just be sure to check with your doctor about dietary restrictions during pregnancy.

5. Prioritise Rest And Relaxation

Amidst the hustle and bustle, remember to prioritise rest. Book accommodations that offer comfort and relaxation, providing a sanctuary for those moments when you need to recharge. Whether it’s a cosy hotel or a charming Airbnb, ensure your lodging aligns with your need for a peaceful retreat during your Vienna adventure.

Vienna at Christmas is a symphony of lights and joy, and with these tips, your pregnancy journey can be just as magical. So, bundle up, savour the festive flavours, and let Vienna weave its enchanting spell around you and your growing bump. Wishing you a jolly and memorable Christmas adventure in the heart of Austria!

Vienna's Christmas magic
Vienna's Christmas magic
Vienna's Christmas magic

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