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Review: Unlock Maths Magic With Geomag STEM Learning

Disclaimer: We were sent this Magicube set for free in return for a review. All opinions are our own.

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Hey there, fellow parents! Let’s chat about something close to my heart – Geomag STEM learning breaking the code of maths mysteries with Little C. Now, I wasn’t exactly best friends with maths during my school days. The subject and I had this awkward dance, and it never felt fun. It still doesn’t.

New Adventure of Learning Maths:

Fast forward to today, and my son, Cyrus, is on a whole new adventure of learning maths in the coolest ways – thanks to the wonders of TV, games, and his trusty Amazon tablet. With the early mastery of maths being a game-changer for academic success, I’m all in to make sure Cyrus has a blast while conquering the world of numbers.

The Numbers Game Worldwide:

Here’s a head-scratcher: the UK sits at the seventeenth spot globally for maths skills among 15-year-olds. China, Singapore, and Macau top the charts. So, how do we turn the tide?

National Maths Week Excitement:

Cue the drumroll for National Maths Week (8-12 November 2021)! It’s the perfect moment to reshape how we approach maths learning at home and transform it from the dreaded to the delightful.

Enter Geomag Maths Magicube:

Disclaimer: We got our hands on this Geomag set for free in exchange for an honest review.

Amidst a week of unexpected homeschooling due to the lingering pandemic, the Geomag Maths Magicube set stepped in as our maths ally. 16 vibrant cubes, 45 magnetic numbers, and endless possibilities for creativity. Forget heavy textbooks – this is hands-on magic!

Geomag STEM learning and Magicubes

What’s Inside the Box?

Beyond the magnetic allure, these cubes teach colours, numbers, and mathematical sequences in the most playful way. Building shapes, structures, or decoding numbers – there’s a STEM learning adventure in every cube.

The Maths Building Set is suitable for ages three plus and definitely gets the thumbs up from Cyrus. You can shop other sets in the range here.

Tips from the Expert:

Martin Hassler Hallstedt, a learning psychologist and the brain behind Count on me! shared some golden nuggets for maths home learning:

  1. Make Maths Fun: Turn exercises into captivating challenges – think painting by numbers, bingo with addition, or spotting shapes during a stroll.
  2. Short Bursts, Big Impact: Keep it short and sweet – aim for 15-minute maths sessions. Integrate maths into every day activities, like counting ingredients while cooking.
  3. Repeat and Repeat: Practice makes perfect. Consistency builds competence and confidence. Better five minutes a week than none at all.
  4. Beyond Traditions – Explore unconventional techniques, like educational apps with captivating storylines, characters, and adventures. Count on me! Is one such gem.
  5. Positive Vibes Only: Reframe your language. Speak of maths as magical, amazing, and fun. Trust me, your positivity becomes contagious.

Count on me! A Maths Adventure App

Speaking of apps, here’s a game-changer – Count on me! It’s not just a maths app, it’s a captivating journey into Numberia for 6-9-year-olds. Game-Embedded-Teaching (GET) makes learning a breeze. Research even shows a 60% improvement in maths skills for kids using this app. Limited screen time, maximum learning – that’s a win.

Count on me! is now available on the App Store for iPads* and will be available on Android tablets later this year. Count on me! is £9.99 a month, and you can try the first week for free. For more information visit www.akribian.com 

Mechanics Gravity – Loops and Turns Fun:

If science steals the spotlight in your house, the Geomag Mechanics Gravity – Loops and Turns might be your ace. Sent to us as part of the review deal (because honesty is our compass), this STEM toy is a curiosity-stirrer.

What’s In The Box?

Around 120 pieces, 10 ball bearings, and a guide to science fun. It’s aimed at eight-year-olds and above, but trust me, a five-year-old named Cyrus mastered it with his Persian baba (daddy) in tow.

Geomag STEM learning at its best

Our verdict:

Cyrus was hooked for hours on a Saturday afternoon. Gravity and magnetism took centre stage, no batteries or electricity needed. In our book, Mechanics Gravity is more than a toy – it’s a STEM experience that sparks curiosity and fuels a passion for science.

Feeling intrigued? You can find the Geomag STEM learning: Maths Magic set for £34.99.

Geomag Mechanics Loops And Turns Construction Set – 130pc – £34.99

So there you have it – our personal adventure into the world of science and maths. Let the learning continue, one cube and loop at a time. For more reviews, check out this Geomag post here.


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