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Review: Persian Tradition And Fin-tastic Freshwater Aquarium Fun

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Mars Fishcare and the API brand.

Tropical fish brought unexpected excitement and challenges for our family this year, especially with the Persian tradition of welcoming a new pet fish during Nowruz.

Catch of the Day

Our aquarium story began with a mission to find vibrant tropical fish for little C, who was eagerly awaiting their arrival post-lockdown. The catch? We were total newbies in the world of tropical fish care, feeling like fish out of water with a sea of information to absorb.

API Fishcare event

Thankfully, a virtual live event with API Fishcare threw us a lifeline, Gary, a self-proclaimed fish nerd, guided us through the aquatic intracacies, answering our school-of-questions about tap water safety, fish stress reduction, and pH level testing. Little C, having just started school, was especially intrigued by this crash course in fishkeeping.

Safe Environment

With insights gained from the virtual event, we embarked on creating a haven for our soon-to-be aquatic friends. Armed with API products, a brand we trust, we learned the importance of creating a safe environment for our guppies. C eagerly assisted baba (daddy) in setting up the aquarium, enjoying the process like a mini marine scientist.

Slime Coat

To give our fish a ‘slime coat’, we added API STRESS COAT water conditioner, ensuring a stress-free environment. API QUICK START and API STRESS ZYME paved the way for the natual aquarium cycle, providing a healthy habitat for our finned family.

Fish Shopping

Fish shopping was no longer a daunting task after the virtual event’s insights. Armed with knowledge, we carefully selected two cherry barbs, four green tiger barbs, and two flying fox fish. The ‘naughty fish’ at the store brought laughter and joy, making it a story that Little C loves to retell.

Community Freshwater Aquarium

With the community aquarium up and running, C took charge of feeding time. High-vitamin tropical flake food became the menu, promoting growth and colour. He even drew a hilarious parallel, claiming his fish loved beetroot, just like him.

As our underwater adventure continues, we’ve found that fishkeeping is not just about maintaining an aquarium; it’s a sense of responsibility. So, splash into our fishy tale, and let the currents of laughter and learning carry you away!

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