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Nowruz Unveiled: A Sofreh Haft Sin Adventure

It’s been a real journey over the years as I have tried to craft the perfect Sofreh Haft Sin. From goldfish to unexpected BioOrb expenses, this rollercoaster of Nowruz is anything but ordinary. Here’s my unique experience that shapes our festive traditions.

Goldfish Siesta

Living in the North East of England means our quest for the seven symbolic ‘S’ items comes with a splash of absurdity. Imagine being turned away from a pet store because the goldfish were taking a luxurious two-hour power nap. When we finally caught them awake, they came with a hefty price tag that left us questioning the economics of fish siestas!

Haft Sin Home Improvements

Renovating our home during Nowruz presented its own set of challenges. Improvisation became the name of the game as we ingeniously incorporated the seven symbolic items amidst the chaos. Let’s just say, our Sofreh Haft Sin became a testament to creativity, resourcefulness and resilience.

Cyrus, the Egg Picasso

Our Sofreh Haft Sin might not have graced the Louvre last year, but it did host little Cyrus’s egg painting masterpieces. Forget fine art; we’re all about the joyous splatters of colour and a unique touch of toddler artistry. Painting the coloured eggs has become a cherished tradition.

Sonbol and Sweets Extravaganza

This year, we’ve added an extra dash of ‘S’ with Sonbol (hyacinth flowers) and personalised sweet treats from Chocface.

Your Turn

Nowruz is a celebration of traditions and creativity. What bizarre items grace your Sofreh Haft Sin this year? Share your tales of laughter, mishaps, and festive joy in the comments! Let the Nowruz festivities begin!

Sofreh Haft Sin Items Factfile:

Somagh (sumac): Adds colour to Sofreh Haft Sin – sumac gets everywhere.

Serkeh (vinegar): Mastering the art of aging like an old pro.

Senjed (dried Persian olive): Nothing says love like Senjed!

Samanoo (sweet wheat pudding): Thought to make your wallet as rich as your taste buds.

Sabzeh (Lentil sprouts): Sometimes symbolises rebirth, and at others, our failed attempt at keeping the sabzeh alive. You decide!

Sib (Apple): An apple a day keeps negativity away.

Seer (Garlic): Keeping vampires away and often the neighbours too.

Sekkeh (Gold coins): Hoping for more wealth than Bargain Hunt on TV.

Sonbol (Hyacinth flowers): Adding fragrance to the sofreh.

Mahi (fish): Symbol of life, or just an excuse for a pet goldfish. Meet my finned friend!

Tokhmeh Morgh (Egg): Fertility symbol or a protein packed snack? Why not both?

Sham (Candle): Illuminating enlightenment or my power outage back-up plan.

Shirini (Sweets): Spreading sweetness or my excuse to eat dessert for breakfast?

Hafez book (poetry book): My late-night musings.


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