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Chaharshanbe Suri: Flames, Drums, and Toddler Tunes

As the Persian New Year vibes started swirling in our lockdown home, we geared up for Chaharshanbe Suri! Now, if you’re wondering, “What in the world is Chaharshanbe Suri?” It’s a fiery, family celebration – think Bonfire Night without Guy Fawkes.

Chaharshanbe Suri is the prelude to Nowruz, the ‘new day’ celebration. So, last night, it was all about the sparks, the flames, and a splash of toddler drumming.

For me, taking on board H’s traditions is an important element of our multicultural life. And for Cyrus, well, it’s an exciting new experience that lights up his young world.

Flashback to my first Nowruz in Iran – Shiraz, family, and absolute heart-felt magic where we watched Haji Firouz dance and sing in the market square. And a fire-jumping fiesta where “Sorkhi-e to az man, zard-e man az to” echoed in the streets (translation – exchange my sickly pallor for your beautiful red hue.) In Iran, public bonfires light up spaces, ushering in enlightenment. Why the last Tuesday of the Persian year? Tradition says it’s to dodge Wednesday’s bad vibes.

Fast forward to today, and here we are, creating our own blend of tradition and toddler-approved festivities in our back garden. Chaharshanbe Suri isn’t just about lighting bonfires though; it’s a flame-fuelled hope for a brighter year.

Now the piece de resistance for us? Ghashogh Zani! Post-fire jumping, it’s literally Little C, a spoon, and a bowl in a toddler medley of clinks and clatters. Forget our neighbours; Cyrus chose the perfect beats next to our own cosy fire.

So, in the echo of Ghashogh Zani, our own little Chaharshanbe Suri blended tradition, family, and Little C’s infectious excitement. Here’s to sizzling flames, sweet rhythms, and shaking off bad vibes – a perfect prelude to the New Year!


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