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Children’s toy review: Why we love Geomag toys

*Disclaimer: We were sent this Geomag set for free in return for a review. All opinions are our own.
C with his Geomag toys, which he loves

After the third lockdown was announced, H and I knew we needed to find more ways of entertaining Cyrus while we worked from home and juggled childcare duties. We turned to Geomag toys.

We had already built rockets of Lego, painted and made cakes during lockdowns one and two, so we desperately needed something new on the homefront. As parents, we also felt it was our duty to keep him away from the endless streaming of cartoons on Netflix which was not easy.

At Christmas, Cyrus got a Geomag set from Santa, which proved to be a great new STEM toy for developing both his problem-solving skills and creativity while in isolation. It’s surprising to me, but there are still a lot of people who haven’t heard of STEM learning and it’s such an important part of a child’s everyday life. Established by the National Science Foundation, STEM education stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and helps children develop and understand the world they live in.

C built a pyramid using his Geomag set

Geomag is a STEM building game designed and developed by inventor Claudio Vicentelli in Switzerland. It is a plastic and metal toy, that consists of little bars with magnets on the ends that are all connected together with small marble-sized balls.

Magnetic toys are awesome and a great way to play while exploring science. There’s just something fascinating for kids when it comes to magnets and exploring what they’ll stick to on the homefront. For that reason, Geomag opens the door for children to explore science, creativity, and engineering.

A greener world

We all know there is too much plastic waste around the world and in our oceans. That’s why many people are making green choices day in and day out. It’s great to see that Geomag toys are made with recycled plastic, to ensure they are not making an unnecessary impact on the world through the use of sustainable materials. To find out what we thought, keep reading!

What we thought about Geomag

C recently reviewed Geomag Classic Panels 35 Pieces. £12.99 from Smyths which explores the world of the magical invisible forces of magnetism. We also reviewed Geomag Confetti. The Geomag Classic 356 Confetti 83 piece set which costs £35 from Amazon.

Cyrus was able to create an unlimited number of structures using the 58mm magnetic rods and steel marbles that were sturdy and stable. The sets combined contained plenty for his little fingers to get to grips with.

C built a bridge using Geomag

The instruction diagrams were very easy to follow. C, four, was able to build a whole host of creations without much intervention. He also used his creativity to build a bridge. In his opinion, it definitely rivalled one of Newcastle’s greatest landmarks – the Tyne Bridge.

C followed the instructions to build a bridge

He played for hours while sitting next to his engineering daddy at the dining table. Every now and then, he’d break the structures down and rebuild. It was the quietest I’ve seen him all lockdown. A real novelty to keep his little noggin engaged for so long.

With the TV remote out of sight, on days of boredom Geomag challenged C’s curiosity and sense of exploration too. He was able to invent something new time and time again, keeping him alert and growing throughout lockdown 3.

C is focusing on more complex creations as time goes on

The best thing about Geomag is that C doesn’t even realise that he’s learning through play. He used his investigative powers to find out what the rods would also stick to in the house. This ncluded our fridge, front door and some pennies!

Our verdict? It’s good old-fashioned screen-free fun. The best thing is that it’s also a toy that he won’t grow out of in a hurry.


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