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My Top 5: Sustainable children’s gifts for Christmas

Are you looking for a toy for Christmas for your pre-schooler that’s eco-friendly, kinder to the environment and less plastic? Here’s a round-up of our Top 5 favourite, sustainable children’s gifts for Christmas.

From candy canes to sugarcane toys with Dantoy this Christmas

We love Dantoy‘s new range of bio toys – all made from sugarcane. So if you’re throwing a teddy bears’ picnic any time soon, you’ll want to make sure you have ticked all the right boxes with a 22-piece Dantoy Bio-Toy Pretend Play Dinner Set for Christmas. The playset contains everything your pre-schooler will need to host the perfect shindig for their cuddly friends.

sustainable children's gifts for Christmas
Dantoy’s dinner set – perfect for any teddybear picnic
Why we love it?

C put the dinner set through its paces recently with some furry friends and it’s great for improving social skills. Toys are sturdy, strong and durable, made from bioplastic that is 100% recyclable and sustainable as they are made from sugarcane, a sustainable plant that reduces carbon emissions.

It’s certainly important to me these days that whatever I buy has been manufactured and packaged with as little impact as possible on the environment. But whatever I buy, the priority is that it also has to be fun for C to play with so it’s a balancing act right now. So this range is refreshing.

Top tip: Don’t forget to round things off by serving up lots of cake because these toys are fine for contact with foods and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Super durable toys from ekolife
sustainable children's gifts for Christmas
ekolife’s range of 100% sustainable, eco-friendly toys made completely from paper

We’ve all been there: you spend a small fortune on a toy to find them playing with the box it came in on Christmas Day. If that sounds familiar, you might be interested in the latest range from ekolife.

Products are 100% sustainable and made completely from paper – so that provides parents with a truly sustainable alternative to the vast amounts of non-recyclable toys that flood retailers every year.

It might surprise you that we spend around £5 billion on toys, 90% of which are made from plastic and non-recyclable materials.  So these super durable toys include planes, cars, jigsaws, build-your-own shops and castles – all crafted from 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable cardboard.

It’s the perfect eco-friendly way to engage and inspire creativity. Children are encouraged to think outside the box, with toys and structures suiting all imaginations.

Included in the range are three creative play spaces—the hut, rocket ship & the fortress – all of which are big enough to accommodate three children and their adventures. These are printed on the outside, but left blank on the inside to allow the young ones to make it their own (priced between £19.99 and £24.99).

Sustainable fun and games with Hape

Hape’s range of original bamboo games will teach your little one valuable lessons about the world around them, without damaging the environment. 

As a part of Hape’s innovative range of eco-friendly toys, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, so Hape uses it in their toy making. Did you know by the time this toy makes it into your hands, the bamboo used to make it has grown back! Here is our top pick:

Skinny Legs Toss Game from Hape Toys
sustainable children's gifts for Christmas
Skinny Legs Toss game from Hape Toys

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play Hape’s Skinny Legs Toss is designed for 1 – 4 players at a time. The concept? Each player picks a colour, then gathers their three spiders. Toss the silly spiders onto the web and see how many you can get to stay! Whoever has the most wins. But for additional levels of fun give each ring of the web a different value to add up to more and more points. Priced £21.99 from Amazon.

Plant Buddies Sustainably Packaged Headphones & Wireless Speakers
sustainable children's gifts for Christmas

Planet Buddies, an environmentally conscious brand was born out of a dedication to raising awareness for endangered animals all over the world and educating children on what they can do to help.

The product range includes a family of headphones, wireless speakers and tablet cushions, all representing endangered, vulnerable or threatened species including ‘Pepper the Penguin’ and ‘Olive the Owl’. Products each have a story about its character, why they are endangered and tips on what children can do to help protect all life on our planet such as turning off lights when they leave a room.


There are three types of headphones to kickstart the range, all suitable for children aged 3+ with adjustable headbands and safety limited to 85DB to protect hearing as recommended by the World Health Organisation. The child-safe audio limit on the headphones helps to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

The headphones are made to withstand handling, knocks and drops they are bound to endure.

Get Creative

The DIY “colour and swap” headphones allow kids to get creative with 24-character cards and 4 crayons to customise their design.  Accompanied by an eco-friendly travel case, the headphones are foldable and portable in design allowing minimum bulk and easy transportation. Price: £24.99

Choose Your Favourite Endangered Animal

Representing ‘Noah the Whale’, ‘Milo the Turtle’, ‘Olive the Owl’ and ‘Pepper the Penguin’, the Planet Buddies wired headphones are fun and ultra-comfortable. Headphones are also foldable and come with an eco-hemp travel case. Priced £19.99.

Plenty to choose from with Amara

Many of Amara’s brands pride themselves on being sustainable with the environment at their heart. Carapau donates to wildlife conservation charities from every product sold. Hug Rug’s entire range is also made from recycled materials, there’s plenty to choose from.

We love Ian the Elephant in the Carapau range, created and designed by Rita Faria & Tiago Couto. They create handcrafted children’s toys with a focus on sustainable design, colour and reinvention of traditional Portuguese materials. With a passion for caring about wildlife, Carapau donates 3% to wildlife conservation programmes with each purchase. Priced £55 to £110.

Check out our other Top 5 items here.

sustainable children's gifts for Christmas

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