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My Top 5: Navigating Perimenopause sleep tips


With World Sleep Day just around the corner on March 19th, I feel compelled to share my personal struggle with sleep during the perimenopausal phase and offer some tried-and-true tips that have helped me achieve a good night’s rest. As we all know, the importance of sleep extends far beyond fatigue; it profoundly affects our overall health and well-being.

Losing a night’s sleep often leaves me in a fog the following day, operating on autopilot and struggling to tackle even the simplest tasks. To combat this, I’ve implemented a consistent bedtime schedule and made adjustments to my caffeine intake, opting for decaf more frequently. It’s a small change, but it has made a significant difference.

Research from Puressentiel reveals that a staggering 83% of us have experienced sleep issues at some point in our lives, impacting everything from the immune system to mental health. I resonate with the feeling of not firing on all cylinders.

Quality of sleep is crucial, as evidenced by the profound impact on daily life and mood. The pandemic has further disrupted our sleep patterns, with changes ranging from increased sleep due to the absence of a commute to heightened stress and anxiety leading to less sleep or interrupted sleep.

In light of these challenges, here are my top 5 tips to maximise the chances of a restful night:

Don’t force it!

Acknowledge the strange times we’re living in and be kind to yourself. If sleep eludes you, don’t force it. Take a break, enjoy a hot drink like Pukka’s Night Time Berry Tea, and engage in a relaxing activity like reading before trying again.

Get a helping hand from nature

Essential oils like lavender have been recognised for their sleep-inducing properties. Puressentiel Rest & Relax Air Spray and Base Formula’s relaxing essential oils, like Sweet Dreams, can be game-changers.


Incorporate exercise into your routine to release endorphins, reduce stress, and naturally tire your body. Even during lockdown, finding ways to stay active, whether through home workouts or outdoor walks, can contribute to better sleep.

Make time to relax

Dedicate time each day for self-care. Whether it’s a soothing bath, enjoying saffron tea, or making a nutritious smoothie, prioritising moments of relaxation can significantly impact your overall well-being.


Don’t underestimate the power of communication. Sharing your concerns with friends or loved ones can provide valuable advice and emotional support. Feeling connected and understood can alleviate the sense of isolation that often accompanies sleep troubles.

Perimenopause and sweet slumber

In conclusion, perimenopause and the challenges it poses to sleep can be daunting. However, by incorporating these tips into your routine, you may find a path to the sweet slumber you deserve. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey, and taking steps toward better sleep can have a positive ripple effect on your overall health and happiness. Sweet dreams, or as H says in Persian, (Khābhā-ye shirīn)!


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