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Fit Over 40: Buggies, Bums, and Tums for New Mum Resilience

Ah, the post-baby body – a topic whispered among new mums like some mysterious secret society initiation. As a proud and slightly sleep-deprived member of the over-40 new mums’ club, I found myself facing the postpartum scales with the same trepidation I reserved for horror movie marathons.

As you may remember if you’ve read my post about my six-week check, I’m in my fourth decade, sporting a stomach that wobbles like a bowl of abgoosht. More on this and the cheeky khalleh (aunt) dropping the bomb with ‘Aranda kheli charg’ (which translates to very fat) later. A real Farsi flattery fumble.

Pelvic Floor Rescue

Enter the hero of my fitness world – Vicky Bradley, the mumpreneur extraordinaire behind the revolutionary Buggies, Bums, and Tums class. Now, this wasn’t your typical gym session; this was an adventure into the world of pelvic floor rescue, toddler entertainment, and the art of mastering tricep dips with a buggy in tow.

The Buggy Brigade

A group of sleep-deprived mums, armed with buggies and determination, converging in a local park. Our mission? To sweat, laugh, and potentially terrify unsuspecting dog-walkers with our synchronised buggy skills. Vicky, our fearless leader, kicked things off with a meticulous check of our abdominal muscles. You know, just to make sure they hadn’t gone on permanent holiday post-baby.

The warm-up? A cardio workout set to the soothing melodies of children’s music. As our little bundles of joy explored the wonders of floor mats and musical instruments, we went on a buggy run around the Great Park in Newcastle. Push-ups, stomach crunches, and tricep dips followed – all while maintaining eye contact with our mini critics.

Post-birth Pelvic Floor

No one warns you about post-birth revelations, like the realisation your pelvic floor muscles are just not the same, leaving you to juggle workouts and potential bladder mishaps. Cue Vicky’s masterclass in pelvic floor redemption.

We laid on our mats, attempting a blend of grace and control as we engaged muscles we never knew existed. Pelvic floor exercises were our secret weapon against post-baby surprises, performed with the dignity only a group of determined mums could muster.

Laughing Away the Embarrassment

Now exercising in public with a baby on board is not for the faint of heart. Once you overcome the initial embarrassment of curious dog-walkers observing your fitness theatrics, you realise it’s a laugh a minute. An hour of sweating and bonding with fellow mums – all under the watchful gaze of our bemused little workout buddies.

Vicky’s class became a permanent fixture in my diary. No judgement, no pressure, just friends on a wild ride into motherhood while reclaiming our bodies. It was a hilarious, empowering, and an entertaining way to spend an hour. So here’s to pelvic floor prowess, buggy ballet, and the resilience of mums over 40 – we’re not just bouncing back; we’re bouncing forward!

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