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Cyrus’s First Haircut Adventure: Curls, Cars, Persian Parenting

Baby's first haircut

Ah, the milestone of a baby’s first haircut – a topic that manages to unite parents across cultures, each with its unique set of traditions and, of course, a touch of familial humour. In our household, with our little Persian prince, Cyrus, reaching that fuzzy crossroad, the decision to trim those golden curls was not taken lightly.

A blonde-curled ‘pesar tala,’ our golden boy, and one baba suggesting a DIY haircut at home. As a mama, I shot him a look that could have rivalled the sternest of glares from his Persian grandmother. After all, Persian boys typically undergo a complete shave during their first year, a tradition laden with cultural significance. But not in our house, not just yet.

“It’s only hair,” H would nonchalantly insist. “I can do it at home, we don’t need to take him to the salon.”

Now, considering Muslim babies get a clean shave seven days into life, my hesitation might seem a tad extravagant. But hey, have you seen Cyrus’ curls? I couldn’t bear the thought of H channeling his inner hair stylist, especially envisioning a dubious bowl-cut attempt.

So, off we went to the salon – Pikku Hair Salon in Gosforth High Street, Newcastle, to be precise. I had heard rave reviews from friends about this vibrant salon that caters to first haircuts, birthdays, and whatnot. Booking online was a breeze; we even got to choose our stylist. A salon with options? A new mum’s dreams do come true!

Upon arrival, we were greeted with the modern parenting marvel of a quiet salon. Little C got to choose his car-chair and his movie on the iPad dashboard. How times have changed since the days when the ‘over-40 new mum’ was a young thing! Who knew haircut appointments came with entertainment options?

Now, let’s talk about keeping calm – a challenge not just for the baby but for anxious parents. Plastic cape, water spray, and the delightful Zoe began her work. But fear not, for we were prepared. Little C was too engrossed in ‘brum-brum’ noises and Disney’s Cars to even notice the transformation happening on his head.

In the UK, we’re known for our desire to preserve our babies’ looks. Hence, a mere trim was on the agenda. No squirming, no fuss – all credit to the salon’s ingenious plan to keep kids entertained. A steering wheel on the car-chair? Genius!

And because every baby’s first haircut deserves a memento, our little Cyrus left the salon with more than just a tidy head. A special certificate, two little bags of golden locks (because, why not?), a green balloon, and some bubbles were the cherries on top of his £13.50 haircut.

So, there you have it – the tale of Little C’s first haircut, a saga of curls, cars, and Persian parenting. Next stop, preserving those curls in the baby album, because, as any mum would tell you, they grow up too fast.

baby's first haircut

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