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Why Self-Care Really Matters: Fabulous at 40 and Beyond

Fabulous at 40

Salaam fabulous Persian mamas! So, here I am facing sleepless nights, forties wisdom, and the unexpected task of raising a tiny human when I thought I was just going to be raising eyebrows at my latest wrinkles.

Here are some of my top tips to infuse laughter and love into your midlife motherhood journey.

No Accident

At 40, when I expected hot flashes, life handed me a positive pregnancy test. Surprise! It was not an accident though. We’d been trying and failing to get pregnant for a couple of years. It was a rollercoaster of parenthood, having to reiterate to everyone that my state was NOT A HAPPY ACCIDENT and swearing under my breath in Farsi at them.

Pomegranate Power

Now, Pomegranates hold a special place in my heart; they’re not just a fruit to me, but rather a parenting superfood that makes me believe I’m invinsible. The seeds, with their powerful symbolism of fertility and good luck, resonate deeply with the hopes and dreams I have for my family.

Chai and Chat

Persian tea, or as I lovingly call it, my secret weapon is not just any tea, but a steaming cup of saffron-infused chai gives me a comforting hug.

And in the middle of nappy changes and toddler tantrums, those moments with my chai are like a gentle pause, a reminder that I’m more than just a mum – I’m a woman with unusual tastes, dreams, and a love for the small things in life.

Fashion with a Persian Twist

Whoever said baby clothes had to be ordinary clearly never experienced turning them into a canvas for Persian art – whether it be Nowruz or Shab-e Yalda. Nowruz arrives, and instead of the usual baby outfits, I find myself opting for bedazzling onesies. Here’s to breaking the mold and infusing baby fashion with Persian inspo. It’s not just about what Little C wears; it’s about creating a tangible link between the past and the future, making every outfit a story, a memory, and a piece of our family’s journey.

The Art of Bargaining

As a parent, bedtime has become an art form, and each negotiation is an opportunity for drama. But armed with the wisdom of countless bedtime struggles, it’s easier to nurture a connection with Little C in those quiet moments before sleep.

Persian lullabies and dance parties

A cosy ‘balash‘ (cuhion) nestled on my legs, gently rocking to the soothing melodies. It’s not just a lullaby; it’s a whispered connection to H’s heritage. And when the day cranks up its stress levels, I’ve discovered the transformative power of Persian tunes. In those moments, our living room transforms into a vibrant dance floor where the beats of Persian melodies invite us to let loose and knows no cultural boundaries.

Fabulous at 40

There’s nothing like turning up the volume and immersing ourselves in the energy of Persian tunes. Suddenly, cultural rhythms guide our dance, reminding us that having fun is universal.

Forty and fabulous – remember you’re not just a ‘maman’ (mum); you’re a superstar! Infuse your parenting journey with laughter, love, and some Persian traditions.


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The blog is written by new mum over 40, Aranda, with input from hubby H and son, Little C.

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