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Review: Unwrapping the Delights of Yorkshire’s Inspired Chocolate

Inspired Chocolate

Recently, our little Persian family embarked on a car journey with the promise of shirini-filled (sweet-filled) goodness awaiting us at Yorkshire’s Inspired Chocolate. Now, let me share the details of our fun-filled family day out before we headed to our cosy weekend retreat at The Burgoyne Hotel.

Getting There: The Hunt for Shokolaat (Chocolate)

Our cocoa-filled mission from Newcastle Upon Tyne wasn’t a walk in the park. After a few wrong turns and a confounded SatNav, we eventually uncovered this hidden gem. A piece of advice for fellow explorers: keep a keen eye out for those elusive road signs and, perhaps, don’t entirely place your trust in the capricious hands of technology!

A Sweet Revelation

Stepping through the inviting doors of Inspired Chocolate, the scent of melted chocolate made our mouths water, creating a real dilemma of where to begin. Let’s unwrap some of the magic of this chocolate factory, nestled in the Yorkshire Dales near Leyburn. Inspired Chocolate doesn’t just make shokolaat; they meticulously craft fine chocolates in their purpose-built chocolate factory – from intricate truffles to luxurious chocolates and bars that beckon, they even make dainty little chocolate shoes!

The Chocolate-Making Magic Show

During our experience, we witnessed the chocolatiers’ magic behind the scenes, transforming simple cocoa beans into delectable treats. Biting into dark chocolate, we learned, releases endorphins, a delightful cocktail that elevates both cardiovascular and mental well-being. Here’s another tidbit: the mere scent of chocolate possesses the uncanny ability to usher in a wave of contentment. An invaluable insight, especially for a new mum over 40 navigating the labyrinth of chocolate cravings!

A Chocolate Showstopper

The aroma of chocolate alone has the power to uplift spirits. Known for its mood-enhancing qualities, chocolate triggers the release of serotonin in the brain, promoting feelings of happiness and contentment. So, indulging in a chunk of chocolate isn’t just a treat for the taste buds.

Chocolate in Persia

Now for a bit of culture and history. The roots of chocolate consumption in Persia trace back to the year 1662. The inception of the first chocolate factory is believed to have occurred in Tabriz in 1920, set up by two Russian immigrants, though the Persian rendition of shokolaat may differ from what we’re accustomed to in the West. From my personal exploration, Persian shokolaat boasts a drier, crumblier texture, and its essence doesn’t readily melt away, unless, of course, I chanced upon a less-than-perfect batch – a plausible scenario.

Cultural Connections

Proper chocolate isn’t just a sweet though – it’s a cultural connector. From traditional chocolate-making techniques in South America to the intricate chocolate artistry in European confectioneries, each culture infuses its unique touch into the world of chocolate. Exploring these cultural connections adds depth to the appreciation of this beloved treat.

Chocolate Pizza Making

Now, back to our Inspired Chocolate story, Little C took centre stage in a pizza-making workshop. With baba (daddy) by his side, he poured melted chocolate into his pizza box, added Smarties and mini-marshmallows as toppings, and voila! A masterpiece, his very own chocolate pizza, emerged. Inspired Chocolate goes above and beyond by allowing pizza box decorating too. Little C, with chocolate-covered fingers and a creative spark, turned his pizza box into a work of art. Chocolate-themed experiences, like pizza-making workshops, create lasting family memories, bringing families together in a shared love for chocolate.

Sweet Memories and Satisfied Tummies

The grand display of chocolates within Inspired Chocolate’s hallowed halls overwhelmed us, making the selection process quite a challenge. However, we left with bags of goodies and hearts full of sweet memories. Yorkshire’s Inspired Chocolate was a bit elusive to find, but the experience was absolute magic for our little family. Well worth a visit!

As we enjoy our favorite chocolate treats, it’s fascinating to think about the enduring legacy of chocolate. From ancient civilizations to modern-day chocolate factories, the journey of chocolate continues to evolve, leaving a sweet imprint on cultures and hearts around the world.

Happy chocolate adventures, everyone!


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