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A Guide To Pottery Classes For Kids At Canny Crafty In Gosforth

DISCLAIMER: This post is a collaborative effort, and while it is sponsored, the opinions expressed are genuine and based on our personal experience.

My little one, fondly known as Little C, and I took a trip to Canny Crafty, a charming pottery studio in the heart of Gosforth, Newcastle. This adventure took place on a Toddler Tuesday, a perfect day for art therapy and messy creativity.

Canny Crafty is a family-run pottery studio where you can brush up on your creative skills in a fun environment. Prices range from £5 to £25 depending on what it is you are wanting to paint. Pottery painting is an easy activity that doesn’t require a lot of planning. It allows you to be creative and express yourself at the same time. The end result is that you are creating lifelong memories to take home with you and cherish.

Our Experience

Upon arrival, we met with a table full of art supplies, beckoning us to unleash our creativity on a ‘blank canvas’ pottery bunny. Little C hadn’t shown much of an aptitude for art until now. I couldn’t help but wonder how long his bottom would remain planted in his seat! All he needed to do was to have a go with the materials provided and not spill water (or paint) all over the table. We had a catch-up with the owner at the start of our session who showed us what we needed to do. Then little C got to work and did his best to express himself.

Artistic Chaos

The red and khaki watery sploshes of paint were everywhere but on his bunny. However he was painting from the heart and no one seemed to mind. There were puddles of water on the floor, the ceramic mixing tile was dripping in paint, and little C even resorted to finger painting.

It was clear my pint-sized Picassso was enjoying his session and letting his imagination run wild. He spent moments reflecting on his bunny creation, surrounded by other pottery wonders that piqued his curiosity. The anticipation of seeing the final masterpiece filled the air with excitement. The session was a blend of creativity, mess, and uninhibited imagination.

Our Verdict

Despite the unconventional artistry, we left Canny Crafty with memories in the making. Little C’s enthusiasm and artistic exploration left an indelible mark on our family day out. We eagerly await the unveiling of his pottery creation, and without a doubt, we’re already planning our return to Canny Crafty for another family day and the promise of crafting magnificent masterpieces.

For those seeking a blend of family fun and artistic expression, Canny Crafty provides an ideal setting. The easygoing atmosphere, coupled with the fun of pottery painting, makes for a memorable experience. Little C’s adventures continue, and for more family tales, click here.

Child washes his paint brush
Child paints a pottery rabbit
Painting a pottery rabbit

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