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Birthdays: How To Party Like A Pokemon Trainer

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Little C turned seven recently, so last week we hosted his birthday party! He’d originally wanted to do a Mario Bros. party (A Nintendo Switch game he likes). However, I thought that might be a little tricky to plan and wasn’t inspired by the decorating ideas. So he then turned to Pokemon – and that proved a great choice!

Personalised Pokemon Cards

Our party planner (that’s me) got to work on designing some personalised Pokemon cards after I spotted an app online. You can upload photos and customise all the text. I customised the text with Little C’s birthday party in mind, and then printed them all off. I bought some plastic ‘lucky dip’ envelopes and some cardholder stands from Amazon so I would be able to display them on the party table as placeholders.

Inside the envelope, I placed one Energy card and some Pokemon cards that I bought from a lovely lady on Vinted. She sent an extra special card for Little C, but unfortunately this was ‘swapped’ at the party for one that didn’t hold as much value. Let’s say C hasn’t really got to grips with the whole Pokemon game yet! The cards and stickers inside went down a storm though.

Pokeball Chocolate Coins

I also bought 50 chocolate coins on Amazon and ordered some Pokeball stickers from Etsy. Little C had fun sticking these all down! I used these to decorate the table after discovering that there were no nut allergies in the room!

As Pokemon are brightly coloured, so were the paper cups I bought online. I also ordered a batch of Energy stickers to add to these too. Let’s just say, I bought A LOT of stickers as I kept finding even more Little C and I liked. I did go a bit overboard buying miniature trophies, sweets, bubbles and party whistles – but you don’t turn seven every day now do you!

Cake Creation

Cyrus’s cake was a tall order. He requested a yellow and blue Pokémon cake with a Pokeball perched on top. Thankfully cakes are something Persians know a lot about, so H knew a lovely lady who was able to deliver on C’s demands. The cake was a masterpiece, although because it was fresh cream with a pineapple and banana filling, I did wonder how long it was going to last in a room full of energetic seven and eight year old boys!

I ordered a load of Pokemon helium balloons on Amazon, then invested in even more – so every boy had one to take home. I hadn’t thought about how I was going to fill them, but I had bought balloon weights so they didn’t float off inside the community centre. That was the plan at least, but I think if you visit Great Park Community Centre, you’ll find a few still attached to the ceiling.

Cyrus also had his eye on a fabulous 7ft by 5ft Pokemon backdrop banner featuring vivid images of Pikachu, Charmander, and Squirtle. As it was his special day, I bought it. The thing was it was coming from China and it arrived just a day before the party. The seller did say he would refund our payment if it didn’t arrive on time, but I think that would have disappointed C had that happened. Working in marketing, I was able to get my hands on a couple of banner stands to display this mammoth poster, but it was still quite fragile and I had to use sandbags to ensure it was secure with so many young boys running around the hall.

Setting the Tone

To set the tone, we also invested in a personalised selfie picture frame from ThePrintingSpot which came promptly and looked the part. I also found some felt Pokemon masks on Vinted which were a bargain for only £4. They didn’t come home with us, so were clearly a winner!


A Pokemon Wonderland

To transform our humble space into a Pokémon wonderland, we combined Etsy decals with Vinted banners and a lot of balloons, the space radiated the true spirit of Pokémon, thanks to a little help from the fantastic staff at Great Park Community Centre who also provided yellow lunch boxes for each of the boys.

Little C’s excitement reached new heights as he helped set the table, adorned with Pokémon-themed items. The fusion of Amazon’s banner and The Range’s tablecloth, plates, and cups created a captivating setting that had our little trainers wide-eyed with wonder.

I bought a couple of menu blackboards from The Works in Eldon Square, Newcastle. They were a bit tricky to write on with chalk, but together C and I came up with some novel names for our party snacks.

Pièce de Résistance

The pièce de résistance was our Pokémon cake. It stood tall with a captivating Amazon-sourced Pokémon banner as the backdrop. It delighted taste buds and also served as a mesmerising centerpiece surrounded by Pokemon confetti. Normally we’d have added walnuts to the cake mix, but with so many children having nut allergies these days, I aired on the side of caution.

To wrap up the celebration, each of our little trainers received a Pokémon-themed goodie bag from Shweeties in Great Park. This added touch ensured that each friend left with a Pokémon character to remember the day. The goodie bags were the best I’ve ever had made and I will definitely use Shweeties again.

Tradition Takes a Spin

Now, in Persian culture, birthdays are a big thing. They usually involve a dance floor where kids twirl to both classic Persian tunes and the latest pop hits. It’s a fusion of the past and the present, making it an unforgettable experience for all. We did have a small speaker, H was in charge of the music, but it was so loud that no one could hear anything any way!

Generosity Overdrive

Persian hospitality is legendary, and when it comes to birthdays, it’s taken to a whole new level. Parents believe in celebrating not just the birthday boy or girl, but the entire community. The more, the merrier! From extended family to friends and neighbours, everyone is invited to join. The result? A bustling party where every guest is treated like royalty. For adult parties, prepare to be spoiled with an abundance of delicious food, from saffron-infused kebabs to aromatic rice dishes. It’s a feast fit for a king.

For the kids, think balloons and loads of decorations that transform any venue into a wonderland. Persian parents spare no effort in creating a visually stunning atmosphere that mirrors the magic of their child’s imagination. Whether it’s a princess-themed party with flowers or a superhero surprise with capes and masks, attention to detail is what matters. The goal? To transport kids (and adults) into a world where dreams come true – and I think on this occasion that’s exactly what happened!


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