About us

 Welcome to Of Saffron & Cyrus


A blog about life as a new mum over 40


Of Saffron & Cyrus is somewhere I can share my personal story as a new mum over 40 to inspire and empower others to overcome their fears.

The site is somewhere I can reach out to other new mums, perhaps on a multicultural journey of their own, who might also see their own reflections in my writing.

It’s a great place for experts to share advice, mums and bloggers to share birth and parenting stories, individuals to share multicultural tips and companies and brands to tell their story. We’re all here to support one another, no matter who we are or where we are in the world.

I initially devised the blog because I found very little positive support in Cyberspace when I was pregnant at 40. I could have done with knowing there were others out there the same age, sharing similar positive experiences.

You might be wondering why it’s called Of Saffron & Cyrus. Well, both saffron and Cyrus are the things that keep me focused on life, help me stay positive and are both worth their weight in gold.