As a super-busy mum to Cyrus, aged two-and-three-quarters, who has a full-time PR job and a hectic social life, I could be accused of burning the candle at both ends by husband, H.

I created ‘Saffron and Cyrus’ as a way of indulging my passion for creativity in my rare, and therefore precious, odd hours of me-time.

The result, I’ve plenty of interest in the site from other mums just like me and PRs alike wanting to engage with me.

I am originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, which is also where I am based now. However I began work all those years ago as a trainee reporter for a daily newspaper in Peterborough.

Journalism taught me a great deal about how to have a fully-rounded experience in life. I gained invaluable experience during the early years. The difference between my homeland and the south was startling and I knew it was never going to be my forever home.

When I returned to Newcastle for a visit, I knew I wanted to stay and I began seeking out creative and then corporate employment.

For me, writing was – and still is – a great way to release tension. I love the quiet, methodical process of pulling together my thoughts. It’s very therapeutic and it’s really enjoyable.

When I’m stressed or need uplifting, my writing relieves me and makes me feel calm again and helps me chill out at the end of a long day.

I have a very clear idea of my brand, (although I’m still trying to find the right person to do the artwork!) Saffron and Cyrus is a cheeky nod to my son, and to the spice saffron – which are both at the heart of my work.