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Why networking is vital on maternity leave

It’s Tuesday and on a Tuesday I like to tweet using the hashtag#Tuesdaymotivation.

Now this can sometimes prove difficult when I’ve been up through the night tending to teething troubles and it can be hard to motivate myself the next day. It’s not like I can call in sick and wake up at midday any more being a new mum over 40 because I have no one to share my workload with.

So it’s become important to have some motivational boosters to help me on my blogging journey and I’ve discovered that the best way is to surround myself with positive people in the community.

Today I attended a networking event with a difference. It was with the Northumberland Mumpreneurs and for once I didn’t have to decline because I couldn’t find a childminder.

As a mum over 40 who has had to say no to numerous networking get-togethers lately because of a lack of childcare, it was the breath of fresh air I desperately needed.It was great to talk business and babies at the Willow Farm pub event in Northumberland – and it proved good for eight-month-old Cyrus too as he did some networking of his own!

Despite my best efforts, habits and passion for blogging, sitting at home is not always the flow-producing environment I need. There are days when I’ve asked myself why I’m bothering when visitors to my blog are sparse and hubby has rubbed salt in the wounds, saying: “So you’re not making money from it YET then?”

Then I remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day and a little push from some brilliant mummy bloggers in Cyberspace like Tayla @motherhoodreal, @NEFamilyfun and @Mudpiefridays are enough to keep me going.

Networking is the next step after setting up a blog or a business and there’s nothing better than meeting other like-minded mummies in the real world rather than virtually.

I met one lovely mummy today who runs Lala’s Beautique beauty business. While I’m no shrinking violet when it comes to networking, she admitted that it was her first session and was anxious at first about going along because she didn’t know anyone.

After the session, she left feeling empowered and confident about kickstarting her business in ways she hadn’t thought about, proving there’s strength in numbers.

My environment has a profound effect on my enthusiasm and I love sharing ideas with others. The best thing about today was hearing people say they’d seen blog, had started following it and best of all, that they’d recommend it to their friends. Word of mouth is THE most powerful thing.Obviously no networking session would be complete without a huge slab of cake and a coffee, even if I’d spent time convincing some of the mums that eating fresh ginger helps me stave off my sugar craving!

I left the mumpreneurs feeling extra motivated myself having met such lovely ladies from a whole host of businesses, including Sharon from @House2HomeNewcastle.co.uk, Lee Ann of Lala’s Beautique, Gillian of Gillian Cross Photography and Gayle from baby clothing range Rusks and Rebels.


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