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Why I don’t drink alcohol as a new mum over 40

I no longer drink alcohol as an older mum

Despite drinking alcohol during my younger years, I no longer drink. I’m not a recovering alcoholic, nor am I doing it solely for religious purposes. It’s because I don’t need it in my life.

A healthy choice

As a midlife mum, I want to be there for my baby as long as physically possible and being a non-drinker is the healthiest decision I can make.

I often wonder how I started drinking in the first place, but it just happened one night when I was out with friends. I put it down to peer pressure. It’s only when you start to question the hold it’s had over YOUR life that you realise just how much other people rely on it as a coping mechanism.

Life is fun without alcohol

When I visit family in Persia, I see that life is not only more fun without alcohol, but the health benefits are huge too. Trying to explain this to friends back in Blighty is a non-starter though, since the vast majority believe alcohol is the key to having a good time.

For many people, having one too many glasses of wine is the best thing about Christmas and the new year, but then every celebration is an excuse to have a drink here in the UK.

On a night out I still get asked why I’m not drinking. Am I on medication? Am I pregnant, skint or do I have the car? This really pains me and shows just how saturated society has become. The real reason is that I now have a life I love.

Life as a new mum

It has taken time and one miscarriage to conceive my son, Cyrus. Each day when I look at him sleeping, I stroke his face and know I am looking at something pure. He makes me smile, his teething drives me nuts, but I adore him.

He is only six months old, on the move and a challenge — but he is mine. I am his mum. But I can’t be his mum — not in the way he deserves — if I have a drink. Not even one. It’s not worth what it would cost me in the end.

I don’t want to drink. I wake up each morning filled with happiness that I have Cyrus in my life. I am comfortable in my own skin and that’s because I feel I’m ageing better without alcohol. I’m better the way I am. After all, life is too short and I’m not planning to make it any shorter.

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