What a difference a year makes

Since 2015 had been a year of grieving, healing and trying again following miscarriage, I saw in 2016 with cautious joy. I was 12 weeks’ pregnant and H and I had just paid for a last-minute trip to Vienna.

While friends had seen the news of our extravagant New Year break as it appeared on my Facebook feed, very few of them knew I was pregnant. Even fewer knew the real reason behind our trip.

The run-up to the festive season had actually come and gone in a blur of emotion after an early pregnancy ultrasound scan abroad had shown nothing but an empty sac in November. It was a devastating blow.


My next dating scan was booked for Christmas Eve and I didn’t want to tempt fate, so I made no plans to celebrate the festive season. I knew there was only a 50/50 chance of success and the result was either going to make or break the Season of Goodwill. I had already prepared myself for the worst. I was convinced that they were going to tell me there was a problem.

What I hadn’t prepared myself for was the feelings of amazement, joy and relief as I got to see baby Cyrus bobbing around on-screen for the first time. The day I got the all-clear was a surprising source of comfort. Having pinned all my thoughts on this moment, I felt a huge swell of emotion and the tears rolled down my cheeks.


So what did 2016 bring?

1) Celebrated New Year (and most importantly the all-clear after my 12-week scan) in Vienna

2) Promotion at work – made PR Account Manager

3) Sold our home

4) Gave birth to baby Cyrus – 8lb 4oz

5) Became a new mum over 40

6) Bought and moved into my dream home

7) Took up a new fitness regime with KeepFitMammy

8) Met new friends

9) Began my blog

10) Hubby gained Chartered status as a mechanical engineer


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