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Teething Remedies That Really Work

DISCLAIMER: This post is a collaborative effort between two sleep-deprived parents and a baby.

It started with drool, then came chewing, crankiness, loose stools and finally a lot of sleepless nights. There’s no doubt that teething has been hard on nine-month-old baby Cyrus as well as his maman and baba.

As a result, H and I have scoured the globe looking for things to help keep baby C soothed as he cut his first tooth. Some remedies have emerged that have had us laughing – with everything from the mundane to the thought-provoking to the down right ridiculous.

As well as those we found on the web, like rubbing whiskey on C’s gums, creating a penny necklace and hanging an egg in a sock in his room, two other remedies popped up in conversation when we were talking to the in-laws.

The first was to fry uncooked rice in a pan and throw it outside to help C’s tooth make its first appearance. While there’s no harm in trying this one, I’m not sure our neighbours would approve. The other suggestion from an auntie was to give him a raw onion to chew on. Does it work? Well just the suggestion brought tears to my eyes.

Our arsenal of teething remedies Instead, here are some of the arsenal of teething remedies that have brought C a little relief when he’s been uncomfortable and those that we’re still to try (in no particular order):

1. Japanese Wooden Teething Ring – Wooden teethers come in all shapes and sizes and are made of Cypress wood. They’re a hardy start for a young baby. The Onigiri Hinoki wooden teether comes in a triangle shaped paper box and is perfect for a gift for babies over three months.

2. German Zwieback Toast teething cookies – This is something I’ve yet to try, although it sounds like it has worked for generations of young Germans. For the recipe, click here. Sophie La Giraffe Teether

3. France’s Sophie La Giraffe – Rubber teethers such as Sophie La Giraffe, double up as toys. I always keep it in C’s changing bag for when we are out and about.

4. Greek style chilled yogurt and cucumber in mesh – As C is starting on solids, finger foods in mesh like cucumber and other fruits bring cool relief. A word of warning however as this can get very messy when combined with yogurt. It does work wonders to soothe sore gums though.

5. Gum massage – All children are different, but C loves it when H gently rubs his gums with a clean finger. The pressure on his gums helps dull the pain, and interaction with H helps soothe C too. C’s first toothbrush has also proved a perfect massage tool for his itchy, sore gums. The added benefit is that it will hopefully get him used to brushing when his teeth are finally in. We picked a brush from brush-baby via Chemist.co.uk at £2.10. It’s suitable from 0-18 months and has soft bristles for C’s delicate gums.

6. Baltic Amber Necklaces – Amber has anti-inflammatory properties, and it has been used as a natural analgesic for relieving pain. The secret ingredient is succinic acid, a compound released by the amber resin and absorbed by the body when the stone is worn next to warm skin. You can order these online.

7. Anbesol – When C is in extreme discomfort, I’ve found Anbesol to help soothe him. I prefer the liquid to the gel as the liquid gets straight to the gum while the gel isn’t as easy to apply. Nuby Flip Flop Teething Book

8. Nuby Flip Flop Teething Book – With C chewing on everything in sight, this bright, sturdy and easy to wash teether from Chemist.co.uk is brilliant. The act of gumming the plastic parts helps relieve pressure on C’s gums, while the fact it doubles up as a book means it’s a welcome distraction tool too. It comes with a variety of textures that stimulate and massage C’s gums and has a handy loop making it easy to attach to our buggy. At £5.84, it’s a real bargain.

If you have any other teething relievers from across the world, let me know and I’ll share them here. Email saffronandcyrus@gmail.com


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