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Spring Cleaning: Budget-Friendly Tips For The Home

Spring is a season of renewal and transformation, and for Persians, it’s intertwined with the celebration of Nowruz, New Year. As we await the arrival of spring, the desire to rejuvenate our living spaces becomes even more pronounced, especially after months of homeschooling and remote work that have left our home feeling a bit worn.

Spring cleaning, or as we call it, khaneh tekani or ‘shaking the house,’ is part of welcoming the New Year. Even now, my in-laws are diligently washing carpets and cleaning every nook and cranny of their home, a task that takes dedication and stamina. It’s a reminder of the connection between culture and the changing seasons and apparently prevents ill-fortune for the coming year.

In the UK, spring cleaning often translates to a spot of retail therapy and taking advantage of spring sales. However as Persians, the approach involves letting go of old belongings and acquiring new ones without straining the purse-strings too much. It’s the delicate art of parting ways with the old and inviting the new, all while trying not to send our finances into a state of existential crisis. Out with the old, in with the slightly newer but still reasonably priced is our mantra!

Embracing The Colours Of Spring

When we moved into our home four years ago, we gave each room a fresh coat of paint. However, as time passed, the living room began to feel a bit plain and out of sync with our emotions. While the allure of bold colours is tempting, practicality reigns supreme, especially when considering the presence of little explorers with fingers that touch everything. Neutral colours not only accommodate Persian silk carpets better but also stand the test of time.

Considering long-term plans is crucial when choosing colours, ensuring they remain relevant and appealing for years to come.

Adding Patterns For A Fresh Perspective

Sometimes, a room needs an extra touch, a bit of pattern on the walls, ceilings, or floors to infuse life and inspiration. With family scattered across the globe, I’ve found creative expression through collages of family photographs and art pieces, transforming blank walls into meaningful displays.

Flooring, too, plays a vital role. We opted for Amtico flooring, embracing abstract patterns reminiscent of luxury wood, elevating the aesthetic of our living spaces.

Persian-style Purge For A Tidy Haven

Children’s toys have a knack for spreading throughout the house, creating clutter. As I navigate through the piles of baby toys and miniature socks, I can almost hear my inner Farsi voice whispering, “Time to show this clutter who’s boss!” There’s a certain joy in rediscovering lost treasures, like stumbling upon that rogue baby sock that vanished in the laundry Bermuda Triangle. To address this, you could consider turning a wall into a dedicated storage space. Affordable storage boxes can house books, ornaments, and even a treasure chest for toys.

As spring heralds change and blossoming, let this season be an opportunity to introduce fresh colours, explore luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, and implement unique storage solutions.


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