Snippets to help keep baby calm during their first haircut

Here’s some tips to keep baby calm during his first haircut.

With little C being of Persian descent, he was blessed with an admirable thick head of … blonde curls. Now I have to admit that was certainly not what I was expecting before he was born, but being the pesar tala (golden boy) he is now, it suits him.

That’s why when my better half, H, suggested shaving the little one’s hair recently, I gave him a very hard stare. In fact, it’s taken me quite some time to pluck up the courage to take Cyrus along for his first haircut – a whole year to be exact.

“It’s only hair,” H would say. “I can do it at home, we don’t need to take him to the salon.”

But the idea of seeing little C without his luscious curly blonde locks was too much to bear and I shuddered at the thought of H tracing around a bowl to cut his fringe.

No, it was time for a trip to the salon … but just for a quick trim to keep his hair out of his eyes. Here are my snippets which helped keep little C calm during his first hairdressing appointment.

1. Plan and choose your salon carefully

We’d heard rave reports from friends about Pikku Hair Salon in Gosforth High Street, Newcastle, so we decided to give it a go. Booking was really easy online too. You can choose everything – even your stylist – before you arrive.

Pikku is a bright, vibrant salon in the heart of Gosforth and caters for first haircuts, birthday parties and other special occasions. There’s also a fantastic clothes store below the salon which has some bright, exclusive designs for children up to five years old.

2. Be prepared

On arrival, as it was fairly quiet, little C got to pick his favourite car to sit in and choose which film he wanted to watch on his iPad dashboard to help him stay calm and keep his hands busy. Times have really changed since new mum over 40 was young!

3. Keep calm too

After being wrapped in a plastic cape and squirted with water, hairdresser Zoe began to snip his locks. Despite the unfamiliar surroundings, sights and sounds, little C wasn’t phased by anything because H and I were there cooing over him. He was far too busy driving his car and making ‘brum-brum’ noises while watching Disney’s Cars.

4. Keep them entertained

While I was keen to preserve little C’s baby look, I was also conscious that if we cut off his curls, they might not grow back, so he was having JUST a trim. He didn’t squirm a bit throughout the haircut. This is probably down to the fact that THIS salon knows exactly how to keep kids entertained! The car’s steering wheel certainly kept little hands busy and out of the way of sharp scissors.

He wasn’t too keen on the cape, so that came off half way through his haircut, but it’s clear he was having fun and the cape was just getting in the way.

5. Gift to take home

As part of his first haircut package, little C got a special certificate to mark his special day – as well as two little bags of golden locks, a green balloon and some bubbles. It was a really positive experience and one I’d definitely recommend to other parents with small children. The cost was £13.50.


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