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Review: Little C’s Dream Day at LEGOLAND Windsor

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Today, I’m excited to share a magical day that our little Persian family experienced at LEGOLAND Windsor with our LEGO enthusiast, Little C.

A LEGO Lover’s Paradise

As we drove towards the magnificent Windsor Castle en route to our accommodation at the Sir Christopher Wren hotel, the air was filled with a sense of anticipation. Little C, our imaginative explorer, peered out the car window, convinced that the majestic castle looming in the distance was crafted entirely from LEGO bricks!

On to our accommodation, The Sir Christopher Wren Hotel is located in the centre of Windsor and offers a captivating panorama. One of its standout features, and why we chose it, is its view of Windsor Castle. The sight from the hotel’s vantage point is nothing short of mesmerising.

The Next Day

Fuelled and energised after breakfast, we took a car ride to the enchanting world of LEGOLAND Windsor. Little C, still buzzing with the excitement, couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. He’d been watching Half Asleep Chris and his LEGO creations on YouTube all week and wanted to put some of what he’d learned into practice!

As we entered the main gates, his eyes widened with pure delight. The vibrant LEGO sculptures that greeted us set the tone for an unforgettable day. From towering dinosaurs to life-sized superheroes, the park was a LEGO lover’s dream come true.

A stroll through Miniland

We strolled through Miniland, a miniature world crafted entirely from LEGO bricks. Famous landmarks, bustling cities, and iconic scenes recreated in stunning detail left us all in awe. It was as if we had stepped into a land where imagination knew no bounds.

The real adventure, however, began in the heart of the park’s rides and attractions. Little C’s face lit up as he hopped aboard colourful LEGO-themed rides. From the Dragon rollercoaster to the LEGO Ninjago Ride, each experience built memories brick by brick.

As the anticipation grew, so did our hunger for adventure. Little did we know that LEGOLAND was filled with so many areas to eat that we found ourselves yearning for a Persian picnic. Next time we will pack one with saffron-infused rice and kotlet – a cheaper family option than eating in the park’s cafes.

Building Memories Brick by Brick

But the highlight of Little C’s LEGOLAND adventure was Coastguard HQ, LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure and the LEGO City Driving School. As we eagerly approached each ride, Little C’s excitement was momentarily dampened by the prospect of waiting in line. The queues were quite long and boredom did set in at certain points, even with some Lego display distractions built in for good measure.

As the day drew to a close, we caught both the Haunted House Monster Party and the Flight of the Sky Lion experience, a perfect finale to our LEGOLAND adventure. Little C’s eyes sparkled as he was surrounded by a whirlwind of creative effects.

A Royal Encore at Windsor Castle

Our LEGO-filled day didn’t end there though. The following morning, we set out to explore the historic Windsor Castle. A short drive from LEGOLAND, the castle’s grandeur took our breath away. Little C, still buzzing with the energy from LEGOLAND, was equally captivated by the rich history and majestic architecture.

Wandering through the State Apartments, he loved the opulent rooms adorned with priceless art and intricate decor. Clutching his LEGO mini figures, he imagined knights and dragons doing battle in the ancient halls. The Changing of the Guard ceremony added an extra touch of royal splendour to our visit. We also paid our respects to Queen Elizabeth II, who is buried at Windsor Castle in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, inside St. George’s Chapel. Note to self: remember to take your hat off!

A Weekend of Dreams

As we reflected on our weekend adventure, it became clear that Little C’s love for LEGO had been reignited in LEGOLAND, and his imagination had soared to new heights within the walls of Windsor Castle.

Our weekend was more than just a getaway; it was a celebration of creativity. As we packed our bags and headed home, Little C clutched his LEGO creations, a reminder of the moments we shared in LEGOLAND and thehistorical charm of Windsor Castle.

Until our next adventure, keep building those dreams, one LEGO brick at a time! And if you haven’t watched him, check out Half-Asleep Chris and his LEGO creations too.

Top Tips for Families Visiting LEGOLAND Windsor!

A family adventure to LEGOLAND Windsor promises a day filled with creativity. It’s not the cheapest ticket in town, but there’s plenty to see and do.

To ensure you have a great experience, here are some top tips:

  1. Early Bird Gets the LEGO Worm: Arrive early to make the most of your day! Be among the first to enter the park, allowing you to enjoy popular rides with minimal queues.
  2. Master the Art of Queuing: Embrace the LEGO queues with a positive attitude. Bring snacks, play games, and enjoy the camaraderie with fellow LEGO enthusiasts.
  3. Download the LEGOLAND App: Stay in the loop with ride times, show schedules, and an interactive map. The app is your digital guide to navigating the park efficiently.
  4. Pack a Picnic or Try the Tasty Treats: While the kingdom of LEGO is full of adventures, bring a picnic to enjoy.
  5. Explore Duplo Valley for Little Builders: If you have younger LEGO enthusiasts, head to Duplo Valley for toddler-friendly rides and interactive play areas.
  6. Catch the Shows and Entertainment: LEGOLAND offers captivating shows and live entertainment throughout the day. Check the schedule and make time for these delightful performances.
  7. Bring Your Mini-figures for Trading: If your family has a collection of LEGO Minifigures, bring them along for a trading experience. It adds an extra layer of fun to your day!
  8. Capture the Memories: Document your LEGO adventure with plenty of photos! LEGOLAND is a treasure trove of memorable moments, and you’ll want to relive the day with your family.

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