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Review: Family Time at Persian Delight in Newcastle

About Us: We’re a Persian-inspired family, passionate about exploring diverse cuisines (and kebabs, I mean we’re half Geordie after all).

This week we visit “Persian Delight” in Newcastle Upon Tyne, where Persian flavours unfold and the kebabs are as good as they come.

Kebab Bonding

Now for those who don’t know, Newcastle and Persia share a tight bond for their love of a post-night-out kebab – because when the toon meets the tantalising taste of Persian spices, you’ve got a combo hotter than extra chilli sauce.

Now Persian Delight is a bustling little takeaway and restaurant where the kebabs cease to be ordinary, and the scent of fragrant cardamom-infused tea wafts through the air. The restaurant is a seven-year-old establishment where food is served fresh, quick, and with price tags that won’t make a maternity-leave-budget cry.

Family-Friendly Oasis

First, let’s talk ambiance. Persian Delight is not just a restaurant; it’s a warm embrace for families with little people. No reservations needed – just stroll in with the kids, and the hospitable staff will make you feel right at home. Even your buggy gets a VIP entrance – now that’s what we call Persian hospitality.

Faravahar Favourite

And oh, the artwork! From ancient Persian masterpieces to contemporary charm, your eyes will feast before your taste buds do. Our personal favourite? The Faravahar art piece, reminding us to embrace “good deeds, good words and good thoughts.” Because, you know, even artwork can drop some life hints sometimes.

The Persian Prelude

Let the feast begin! We kicked things off with a starter duo – a freshly baked nan and the mysterious-sounding kashk-e bademjan. This dish, consisting fried aubergine, onion, garlic, mint, tomato puree, and kashk (a Middle Eastern whey), played a symphony of flavours on our palates. I’d have eaten more if our little Cyrus, hadn’t demanded his bottle of milk like a true food critic in training.

A Sultan’s Feast

On to the mains! I opted for jujeh kebab (baby chicken) with rice – saffron-marinated chicken served with lime and a grilled tomato. If you’re really lucky, sometimes it’s served with Narenj (a type of wild, bitter orange grown in Persia).

Juicy, flavoursome, and tender – each bite of jujeh was a Persian belly dance of flavours. Meanwhile, hubby indulged in the Soltani, a Sultan’s feast with kebab-e koobideh and kebab-e barg – a lamb lover’s paradise.

And let’s not forget the show-stealer – the flatbread! The mesmerising sight of its creation is a spectacle that the kids won’t take their eyes off. Pro tip: Half a portion of jujeh kebab is enough for the little ones, complete with a side salad for a grand junior meal.

Tea Time & Tidbits

As our savoury journey neared its end, we sipped on traditional cardamom-infused tea – a fragrant finale to our Persian feast. Shirini (cakes) tempted us, but the ever-restless Master C had other plans. Parenthood rule #357: Always be ready for unpredictable baby moves!

A meal for three with starters and mains usually comes in at around £20-£30.

Our Verdict:

The bathrooms are snug, sans baby-changing stations. No worries; a bit of pre-planning takes care of that. Opt for half portions for your little food explorer. The jujeh kebab is a hit with the kids, and a side salad keeps it healthy. Persian Delight is all about making meals enjoyable for the whole family. So, there you have it – our Persian Delight adventure in Newcastle. For more Persian food ideas, head over to other Saffron and Cyrus reviews. Until next time, happy feasting!

Our Rating: 5/5

Top Tips For Families

  1. Go Early, Skip the Fuss: Arrive a tad early to snag a cosy spot and dodge the dinner crowd. Early birds catch the most comfortable nests – especially with a baby in tow.
  2. Art Appreciation Distraction: Keep the little mischief-makers entertained by turning the Faravahar art piece into a story. It’s not just a meal; it’s an art expedition. Who said art and kebabs don’t mix?
  3. Tea Time Timing: Save the traditional tea for a post-meal sip. It’s the perfect signal that the feast is complete, and it gives the little ones a chance to wind down. However, move the sugar cube bowl away from the kids, or you could be in for a sugar rush of an evening.
  4. Nappy Duty Prep: Be prepared for a bathroom pitstop. While the facilities are snug, a quick nappy change before or after the meal ensures a hiccup-free dining experience. No surprises here – except on the menu!
Authentic Persian dishes
Authentic Persian dishes

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