Hello! I’m Aranda, a new mum over 40 living in the North East of England. As an older mum to Cyrus, aged three-and-three-quarters, I have a full-time comms job and a hectic social life as a mummy blogger. I am also accused of burning the candle at both ends for blogging by my Persian husband, H.

Saffron and Cyrus was created as a way of indulging my passion for creativity in my rare, and therefore precious, odd hours of me-time. It’s somewhere I can write about the multicultural aspects of our lives and my parenting experience. I also write about working mum life and work-life balance.

We love to go on family adventures, enjoy the beauty of the countryside. I then love the quiet, methodical process of pulling together my thoughts. It’s very therapeutic and it’s really enjoyable. When I’m stressed or need uplifting, my writing relieves me. It makes me feel calm again and helps me chill out at the end of a long day.

I have a very clear idea of my brand. Saffron and Cyrus is a cheeky nod to my son, and the Persian spice saffron, which are both at the heart of my work. I love drinking saffron tea!

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We all lead totally different lives and have different views on things. However it’s important to me to inspire others to think differently and broaden mindsets.

My story

I began blogging with the notion to empower women 40-plus as I found very little positive support in Cyberspace when I was pregnant at 40. I could have done with knowing there were others out there the same age, sharing similar experiences.

Your story

If you’ve got a positive tale to tell about being a new mum over 40, I’ll promote your story on my blog.

All you have to do is answer the Q & A below and send it back to saffronandcyrus@gmail.com with a High Res Jpeg image of you, your family and anything else relevant that you would like to include.

1.) Tell me a bit about yourself and your family? Your name, age, status, how many children you have and their names and ages. We’d also like to hear about any pets and their names too! 

2.) Where do you live? We don’t need street names, just an area will do. 

3.) What reason did you have for becoming a new mum over 40?
Did you delay becoming a mum due to your career, or did you meet Mr Right later than planned? 

4.) What is your favourite thing to do as an older mum where you live? Feel free to plug the things that matter to you – whether it be a baby group or a spot of Zumba.

5.) What is your favourite thing about being a new mum over 40?

6. What is your least favourite thing about parenting in midlife?

7.) How did you find being pregnant as a new mum over 40? Did you feel overly self-conscious due to your age or take it all in your stride. Did you encounter an problems or did it all go smoothly?