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Mummy bloggers worth following

Given that it’s sometimes difficult to know where to look for support in this great blogosphere, I have compiled a list of some of the midlife mummy bloggers out there. My list is made up of bloggers who have given me inspiration and hope during my own journey to becoming a mum over 40. If you’d like me to add your midlife mummy blog to my list, then please drop me an email at saffronandcyrus@gmail.com.

#1. Diary of a Midlife Mummy – The lady behind this blog is Steph. She’s a midlife mummy with two little girls who blogs about home, travel and lifestyle topics. You can follow her on Twitter at @midlife_mummy.

#2. Older Mum is a supportive resource for mothers over 35. The site was established in 2011 by an older mother, who had her first child at 39. As such, it’s a supportive resource for women over 35 who are thinking about having a baby, pregnant mums-to-be, and those with young children. I found this website to be a great source of comfort and reassurance when I was pregnant with Cyrus. You can follow Older Mum on Twitter @Older_Mum.

#3. Mothering In The Middle is a fabulous resource for anyone planning to get pregnant at 40, or who already is. It’s a site that is passionately dedicated to the topic of women choosing motherhood over 40. It’s author, Cyma Shapiro, 56, is the writer/creator ofthe art gallery show NURTURE: Stories of New Midlife Mothers, the writer/creator of MotheringintheMiddle.com. and the editor and publisher of The Zen of Midlife Mothering – the first anthology written by and for midlife mothers and fathers. Follow Cyma on Twitter @midlifemothers

#4. Antique Mommy is a blog which captures the daily adventures of a late-in-life mother. All the sweet and tart, all the triumphs and tragedies, all the ordinary and extraordinary and even just the random.

#5. Midlife Mom Musings is written by Sharon who blogs about her life, family and finances.

#6. Mom Again @ 40 is about the life of a working mom over 40, juggling the rat race in Johannesburg. Follow her on Twitter @karentoittoit.

#7. Blogging Midlife is written by Lorraine Lundqvist. A mother, wife, and dog lover living outside of Washington DC. She writes tales of her life lessons and her humorous experiences that result from having married into a Swedish family.

#8. Midlife Single Mum is about one woman’s journey of IVF at 46.

#9. Adventures of a Middle-Aged Matron is the story of journalist Anna Tims, a part-time staff feature writer on The Guardian and freelancer. Follow her on Twitter @anna_tims.

#10. A Child After 40 offers women a forum where they can interact with others in similar situations. It’s a US website for women on the journey of later motherhood, from fertility to parenting. Follow the site on Twitter @AChildAfter40

#11. Motherhood Later.com is the destination for 35 moms/dads. In-person chapters worldwide;Blog re: parenting, theatre, travel, products; Baby Bloomer newsletter. Seen in USA Today & Time mag. Follow the site on Twitter @motherhoodlater.

#12. Adventures of a Midlife Mummy is about Niki Stutts, a 38-yr-old Nashville TN mom and her two boys and 1 girl. Follow her on Twitter @MidlifeMommy

#13. Musings on Motherhood & Midlife is about the life of Estelle Erasmus, an award-winning journalist. Follow her on Twitter @EstelleSErasmus.

#14. Pregnancy stories by age – it does what it says on the tin.

#15. Confessions of a Mean Mommy – The life of Denise Schipani.

#16. Diaries of an Older Mum


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The blog is written by new mum over 40, Aranda, with input from hubby H and four-year-old Cyrus.

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