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Cyrus and Miffy’s excellent adventure

In the final months before I returned to work, I scoured website after website searching for key marketing trends, researched what other mummy bloggers had to say and answered many a shout-out on Twitter to review baby/mummy-related products. What an eye opener!

While I received scores of emails from public relations people touting news and products, some of the things they were promoting really weren’t relevant for my blog’s theme as a new mum over 40.

Then along came a Tweet from Miffy calling for reviewers. For anyone who doesn’t know, Miffy is the main character in 32 of 124 little picture books published by Dick Bruna in Utrecht in 1927. In the stories, Miffy explores her surroundings, often together with family and friends.

The Miffy uncle pilot & plane toy

Since Miffy has been around for a lot longer than me as a new mum over 40, the stories definitely bridge the generational gap. What an adventure I thought – something to have a bit of fun with on my mobile and at the same time, build a truly relevant and meaningful experience for others to like, share and follow.

Now my mobile phone is a treasure trove of data for my blog and a short DM was all it took to engage with the Miffy team and organise a review.

As a new mum over 40, navigating cross-cultural differences (niche, I know), I was determined that any product I reviewed would have to have an engagement strategy to back it up.Since mobiles have become the gateway to brands like Miffy, because it’s the easiest device to access no matter where you are, I have a mobile first strategy long before designing any planned blog post or campaign.

I believe in the power of 5/3/1 engagement every day across all my platforms. Five likes, three comments equals one gain (usually). That’s how I keep up to speed on all of my social media platforms.

With my Uncle Miffy Pilot & Plane in the bag, I could have just reviewed what a truly great soft toy it was, but I wanted my viewers/readers immersed in Uncle Miffy and C’s happy little world. It wasn’t enough to just talk about its vibrant colours, softer than soft fabric or the fact the plane made really cool propeller noises and said phrases in both Dutch and English.

No, I wanted my review posts to have some longevity and be a #connectedjourney. I wanted them to be about bringing Miffy’s adventures to life through familiar every day experiences, such as going for a walk, going for coffee and cake and playing at home.

Although in the storybooks, Miffy went to the zoo, uncle and little C headed to Pet’s Corner and Jesmond Dene, Newcastle. There they played with all of the animals. Taught the parrots to talk and spotted wild rabbits hiding in their enclosures. (No, really!)

Back home with Miffy, little C played with his new friend on the living room rug. Little fingers found it easy to grasp both plane and the removable character. Then they took to the back garden and got a tad dirty, but both Miffy and little C were easily cleaned. It was then time for little C to put Uncle Miffy to bed. What an adventure!

Next day, Uncle Miffy, mummy and little C went for coffee and cake at mummy’s favourite stopping off point, The Garden Kitchen in Eldon Gardens, Newcastle. There Uncle and little C took in their surroundings and tried some lemon and blueberry cake. Yum!No journey would be complete without a bus ride home courtesy of Go North East. Now one passenger did get a bit of a fright when the 20cm x 20cm feature plush toy chirped up ‘here we go!’ suddenly. But it did have other bus passengers and little C chuckling in delight…and we’re not out of the 3 AAA batteries that Uncle Miffy needs just yet.

It’s fair to say that Uncle Miffy is so fab – he’ll be coming out on many more journeys and be the subject of many more posts to come. Watch this space and my other social media feeds for more adventures (and great online engagement for brands) You can buy Uncle Miffy for £15 from Debenhams.


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