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How to stand out from the crowd as a blogger

As a new mum over 40 with a unique name, it’s fairly easy for me to stand out from the crowd as a blogger.

How to stand out from the crowd as blogger

However when you’re trying to get your first lucky break in blogging, it’s sometimes hard to work out what makes you different from everybody else.

Last night, I attended a CIPR North East #PRliveafter5 event in Newcastle where I met with university students from a whole host of countries, including China, the US, India and of course, the UK.

When I explained my journey to becoming a blogger, the first thing many of them said was ‘I don’t think my life is interesting enough to be one, followed by ‘I don’t know what my niche would be.’ I’ve heard this all before.

It made me realise how lucky I am to have parents with a creative streak running through them – having named me after a cruise liner! My name has always remained a good ice-breaker at networking events.

What’s your niche?

As someone who is used to listening to other people’s stories on a daily basis and finding good news hooks, I was determined to help these students realise their potential.

So after hearing their stories of success last night, it was clear there was inspiration a-plenty around the table at Lola Jeans, Newcastle.

One turned out to be a gold medal winner in drama. Another had attended the Rio Olympics and rubbed shoulders with celebrities along the way. There was one thing that stood out about all of them and that was they all had a niche, but they just didn’t know it!

Benefits of blogging

There are so many benefits associated with blogging. For me, it’s being able to stand out from the crowd. It’s also very therapeutic as a new mum over 40. I find that having a blog makes for a great talking point at networking events. You can reveal your digital skills base at the touch of a button on your mobile. There’s no better electronic business card in my opinion.


I do struggle to get to all the networking events I’d like to attend. However I ensure to push my blog posts out via social media to connect with as many people as possible. I am old-school at heart though and do prefer to meet people in real life. But when time is of the essence, I make time for online video networking events too.

Advice and support

Given that I’ve now written a short blog post on last night’s networking event, it clearly gave me inspiration. I hope my words of encouragement have also helped the students realise their potential too.

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