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How to manage a super messy baby after nursery

Combine messy play, weaning and sensory activities and the result is one super dirty baby that’s caked in everything from shaving foam to tomato sauce.

Now while messy play gives Cyrus the opportunity to be creative, the gloop, goo and glitter doesn’t go down well at pick-up time inside daddy’s prized ride home.

Admittedly H is just going to have to get used to mud, muck and water, play dough, paint and perhaps a bit of vomit and slime that will from this day forward make its mark on his leather seats.

So in order that H isn’t completely overwhelmed by the day’s messy play, my first task every evening after work has been to bathe little C and ensure he scrubs up well … before I hand him over to daddy.

At nine months old, C can now sit unaided and enjoys nothing more than splashing around in the soapy bubbles at bath time. He’s a real water baby.

While it’s a far cry from the nervousness I felt in those first few days trying to top and tail him, young C can still be very slippery at times. So with safety and comfort of the upmost importance (for mummy’s back too), I took a trip to Ikea to invest in a £6 Patrull green Crocodile Bath Mat. I just loved the bright lime green colour when I picked it up in the Gateshead store.

At 90cm x 33cm, it’s made of natural rubber and is the perfect fit for our bath. The suction cups on the underside stick down really well and keep the mat slip-free when C is standing up wiggling around. It’s also easy to remove, wash and dry off. I’m also not having to lean into the bath as much, so it eases pressure on my back…all good since I’m a new mum over 40.

Now at first Cyrus only liked a few moments of play in the bath, but since we’ve added Good Bubble bubble bath to our nightly routine, it’s become such fun that he now doesn’t want to get out! Getting him squeaky clean therefore has become a whole lot easier. He loves nothing more than piling the soapy bubbles on top of his head and giggling. What I like about the Good Bubble brand is that, apart from the fact it has family at its core, the products are made up of super fruits from far away lands. Bathing really is a multicultural experience for young C these days!

Amy , who set up the company, managed to secure a £60,000 investment from Deborah Meaden in Series 13, episode 6 of the Dragon’s Den TV series….so perhaps that’s the real reason ‘dragon fruit’ has made its way into the Good Bubble range. On a personal note, I love the ingenuity of it all and the stories too. No product should be without one of those!

According to an ancient Chinese legend, the dragon fruit was created thousands of years ago by a fire-breathing dragon! Be it Chinese legend or Chinese whispers, either way dragon fruit is jam-packed with moisturising properties and antioxidants. The dragon fruit plant has beautiful flowers that only bloom at night, and is also known by other names such as Belle of the Night and Cinderella Plant!

Another key ingredient which has made its way into Good Bubble is cloudberry. Now I’d never heard of this until I visited the company’s website. There I learned how it is a creeping bramble grown across Scandinavia, Siberia and Alaska. Also known as the Northern Orange and Arctic Raspberry, the berries are bursting with vitamins A, C and E, which help soothe and moisturise young skin and nourish young hair. Cloudberry was once used by the Inuit people and Nordic sailors as protection against scurvy because of its high vitamin C content.

The gentle formula of Good Bubble means there’s no tears or tantrums when it comes to washing and conditioning C’s little locks. Products have been dermatologically tested and are allergen-free. There are also no nasties, perfume or artificial colours lurking inside Good Bubble and to prove it, the company is fully registered with The Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free International.

I have to admit that apart from the fact these products provide endless fun for mowhawk hairdos in the tub, C’s hair smells so good after using the products that I really don’t mind him snuggling up to me in the big bed – when he should really be in his cot. You can buy the products from Holland & Barrett.

Now there’s nothing like having a duck in the bath to play hide and seek with when you’re splashing around and Munchkin’s White Hot Safety Bath Ducky above, promises plenty of smiles and laughter. The duck doubles up as a safety gadget too to test the temperature of the bath water before little C steps inside. It is definitely value for money and can be bought from Tesco.

There are so many toys floating in C’s bath tub, that bathing is often a fun, relaxing sensory experience in itself. Now I realise that the Nuby stackable boats are for children from 10 months old, but C absolutely loves pouring water from one to the other and they are teaching him all about hand-eye coordination too. The colourful boats are BPA-free and can be stacked easily for storage. Each boat has a different design for dispensing water too. I bought ours from Aldi.

Probably one of my favourite products so far has to be Nuby’s bright foam numbers and letters for the bath. I stick them to the side when they’re wet and little C delights in pulling them off one by one. It’s a great way of teaching him his name, the alphabet and numbers in a fun, relaxing environment. You can buy them and lots of other baby necessities from www.chemist.co.uk/

If you have bath-time products to review and would like young Cyrus to road test them for you, then get in touch with us at saffronandcyrus@gmail.com


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