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Great coffee and cake at Patisserie Valerie

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With only a month to go until I’m back at work as a new mum over 40, I am really hoping that my little night-owl’s sleep pattern starts to rapidly improve. So what’s a pro-coffee mum with an eight-month-old baby (up several times a night) supposed to do in the meantime?

I set myself a challenge months ago to find Newcastle’s most comforting coffee shop (one where I could sip and relax and somewhere Master C didn’t turn into a bubbling brew).

Trip to Patisserie Valerie

Review: I’ve never really been a fan of afternoon tea, which is surprising considering how much I love cake these days. There are exceptions though and that starts with Patisserie Valerie in Newcastle.

The French eaterie is renowned for its stunning afternoon tea selection. It is located in the heart of the city, near Grey’s Monument. On arrival it was clear that this was one popular haunt for busy city workers. No surprise there as the selection of cakes in the window had helped beckon me inside. It wasn’t just a cake I was after though – it was their coffee and cake experience…rather than afternoon tea.

The place was quite busy when Cyrus and I arrived, but we found a really comfy red seat next to the door which was perfect for bottle-feeding and left plenty of space for the buggy.

Impressive menu

Now I’m quite indecisive when it comes to cake. The menu selection at Patisserie Valerie is impressive too, so it was a good job Cyrus had a little snooze.

I plumped for an apple tart and a latte and neither disappointed. My coffee arrived quickly and it went down well with the generously-sized apple tart.

My dining partner (Cyrus) woke just in time. He even got in on the action by eating some of the tart’s topping too – glazed slices of caramelised bramleys. It all seemed to go down rather well with his bottle of Aptamil!

The verdict?

The tart was very good, really light, with plenty of filling in the middle which gave it another dimension. You could really taste the cinnamon and sultanas.

From start to finish, we definitely indulged that day and didn’t tell daddy. The service was excellent. The coffee and cake was divine and I left feeling like I’d got my money’s worth. The total bill was £5.50. £2.70 for the tart and £2.80 for my large latte.

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