HOME & GARDEN: Five signs your gate needs to be replaced

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The gating on the front of your property should be in keeping with the property’s character. It also needs to be secure, especially with house break-ins on the rise. If your gates are looking a little worse for wear, here are a few signs that the time has come to replace them with an electrically-operated gate with a digital access control system.

  1. General Condition – Let’s face it, gates are just like any other item; it has a lifespan, and if your gates have been there as long as you can remember, perhaps it is time for a replacement. If you happen to be looking for cheap automatic gates in the UK, there is an online supplier who makes the gates to measure, thus ensuring a perfect fit. They will also factor in your ideas with the design. You might prefer to have the electric motor hidden underground, which most homeowners prefer, or it could sit above ground, close to the running track.
  2. Squeaky & Stiff Operation – This is a sign of lack of maintenance and while some WD40 and lubricating oil might do the trick, in most cases, replacing the gate is the wisest option. Traditional side openings usually have a ground track and even with this, the load on the hinges can be too much, which causes the gates to warp, and this will result in a gate that is very hard to move. Check the structure to see if there are any issues, and if you would like to compare the cost of repair to a new installation, an online search is all it takes to get a quote, wherever you happen to live in the UK.
  3. Paint Peeling – Your gates might be made from steel, wrought iron, or even aluminium, and if the painted surfaces are peeling, or there is oxidation of the aluminium, it might be time to consider a new gate system, one that is fully automated.
  4. Storm Damage – During gale force winds, your gates are often battered with broken tree branches and other flying debris, and should this happen, the cost of repair would compare with replacing the gate, which is a much better option. Fencing and gating are commonly in need of repair or replacement due to storms, so check your exterior after a bout of heavy weather.
  5. Neighbours Comment – If your next door neighbour happened to mention that your gates look a little jaded, this is a sure sign that the time has come to take some action, and with electric gates being so affordable, it makes sense to call in a company that can design, fabricate and install a high-end residential gate.
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Replacing your ancient gates with a state-of-the-art electric gate that is custom built to fit will add a lot of value to the property and it will keep you and your family safe and secure for many years to come.


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